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Do I need to fit a fire door between garage and utility room?

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Guest Emma Whyman

Hello, this thread has been a lot of help to me. 

Wondered if anyone can answer this...

We are wanting to add a fire door from kitchen to garage. Garage floor is 750mm below kitchen floor so no problems there. Door is opening right to left into the kitchen. Can there be an immediate drop? So essentially where the door sits there will be a drop right after it? 

Hope that makes sense. 

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This one is interesting because when timber-based doors are tested for fire resistance performance it is assumed that the door would be positioned at floor level. In fact the fire tests used in the UK are BS476 part 22 & EN1634-1 and both tests place a pressure at a certain height on the door from the furnace side, see below.


However, the tests are a 'benchmark' and, as your scenario demonstrates, not always reflective of the use of the door in real life. Therefore it should be borne in mind that the fire resistance of the door in your end use may be different to its 'as tested' performance. 

Furthermore, the fire in a real life situation may be different in its character to the one in the BS/EN test furnace.

Where you have any concerns, it would be best to discuss them with an expert in fire doors.

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Guest AMc


This has been the best forum information I have found on this subject so far.

We would like to put a fire door from our kitchen to the garage. The floor is lower in the garage, I will get a building warrant and ensure the door is a fire door. My question is, does the door have to be a specific width? We have a limited amount of space to work with so what are the regulations for the size of the door?

If someone could advise I would greatly appreciate it.


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The regulations in terms of access and use of buildings is https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200135/approved_documents/80/part_m_-_access_to_and_use_of_buildings

I would advise you to check with local authority building control as to whether your proposal is in scope of Part M requirements for dwelling houses.

There are limits to how narrow a fire door leaf can be in terms of its fire resistance performance but as you haven't said how narrow the door would be, I cannot comment further.


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