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  1. What do the units instructions say? Does it have a built in thermometer ? (You do not give the model number)
  2. It is quite common for a carbon monoxide alarm to activate after a new screed floor has been laid, this forum has quite a few such instances.
  3. You can get wireless interlinked smoke alarms. They can either be battery powered or mains powered. You can get them from Safelincs Click here
  4. All the ones I have seen you have to press the red button which energises a coil which allows you to open the door, so that means they are fail secure.
  5. If your detector is within its date, and it has not activated since, and its test button still operates the detector, I would say what ever caused it to activate has gone.
  6. First things first. CO2 is carbon di-oxide it is what makes fizzy drinks fizz CO is carbon mon-oxide and it is a clear odor less gas that in a large volume can be lethal You do not say how old your Carbon Monoxide alarm is, most only have a life of seven years, check the date on yours, if it is close then change the detector. As you had two carbon monoxide detectors in the same vicinity and neither have activated there is nothing to worry about, but do check the age of the detectors.
  7. Without having the unit to test, unfortunately it is not possible to give you a definitive answer. But I can say if your smoke alarm is 10 years old then you should change it.
  8. I am presuming that it has not gone off again? if this is the case, and the batteries are under a year old, and your device is not at the end of its life, then yes, nothing to worry about.
  9. The spanner symbol means it is in self test mode. To clear it you should press and hold the test button. If it is still giving problems, you can send it back under warranty, PROVIDED you have proof of purchase, if not then as there are no user serviceable parts you should dispose of it and buy a replacement. As an aside, do you have any smoke alarms in your apartment?
  10. If an emergency light only has ONE LED it does not matter if it is red or green. New lights all have a green LED to indicate charging, Old lights have a red LED to indicate charging. So long as they last for at least 180 minutes when running on batteries there is no need to change them, but the cost of new batteries for some lights is almost the same cost as a complete new emergency light. The change to green LEDs came into being to avoid confusion. Some emergency lights have a self test feature, these usually have TWO LED's One red, One green, if everything is normal just the green
  11. If you CO detector stops beeping after you have changed the batteries, and so long as it operates when the Test button is pressed, and it is not past its life expectancy date, all is well.
  12. More information please. What make and model of CO detectors do you have / try and what country are you in? Also what happens if you plug them both in, near each other.
  13. green-foam

    Firedoor Filler

    Envrirograf seems to be popular. I found it by using google, I have no experience of it.
  14. I believe you will find a fire door rated at 30 minutes is required, not because the wall is not load bearing, but because it leads into an integral garage. There are lots of references to it if you google "is a fire rated door required between garage and house"
  15. While you wait for a reply from Tom, I googled, there are companies that will spray fabric with a fire retardant solution, minimum price is £96 + £6 / m of fabric and as Tom would say "Check out Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home A Guide to the UK Regulations page 29, A4.1. " (I guess they have changed it, I believe Tom means page 35. A 41 🙂)
  16. Could you not ask "Others on your estate" what they have done?
  17. I assume that since you posted no more beeps? this being the case, I would not worry. That said I would suggest you check with the manufacturer regarding the life expectancy of your device, most carbon monoxide devices have a working life of 7 -10 years, it may be time to change yours.
  18. A fire risk assessment determines should a fire alarm be installed or not, and if so to what category. Regarding your other points this is a fire safety forum, and as such we can not help you other than to suggest you read your contract and seek legal advice. 🙂
  19. Stand alone carbon monoxide detectors detect carbon monoxide and should be installed near something that may give off carbon monoxide, such as a boiler, there is no point in having them in a room where there is no means of producing carbon monoxide. It has been known for a carbon monoxide detector to activate at what appears to be random, and only for a short time (Such as happened to you) If this happens and the carbon monoxide detector stops and does not repeat then it is probable that there was a small pocket of carbon monoxide that has since dissipated, and is nothing to worry about.
  20. What did the fire sprinkler companies you asked suggest?
  21. Carbon monoxide detectors are only supposed to activate when they sense carbon monoxide, it is NOT normal for it to activate when the shower is on. To be sure you could put the new CO detector adjacent the old one, turn on the shower and see what happens. From what you have said the old one will sound, which would indicate it has a problem (Check its age, as CO detectors last 5-7 years) I doubt they will both sound.
  22. The forum is still active.🙂 As I understand it, as it was a private seller they are NOT covered by the regulations, so it is down to you to check if it has a label, then your decision to buy it or not, but as a landlord you should supply suitable furniture for your property, there is no rule that says you must supply a sofa.
  23. Most smoke alarms do flash on a regular basis to indicate they are powered and working, I would have to ask, what do the instructions for your smoke alarm say?
  24. It does appear that the detector has developed a problem, as you say, it is not supposed to do that. As there are no user serviceable parts all you can do is change it. I would also suggest you consider changing it to an optical smoke alarm as they are better, you could of course call DETA on 01582 544 548
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