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Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you  lawfully, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We are voluntarily registered as a data controller in the Information Commissioners data protection register with registration number Z9733716. Visit the register here: https://ico.org.uk/ESDWebPages/Entry/Z9733716.

Identity and contact details

Safelincs Ltd
33 West Street
Alford, Lincolnshire
LN13 9FX

Data Protection Team


Data we process

Processing data can mean collecting, storing and using your data. We only do so to perform tasks you want us to perform. These include one or more of the following:

  • Your public profile on our forum
    • The details in your user profile
    • Your email address for security purposes

To help prevent fraud and diagnose errors, your IP address may be recorded in our web logs.

We also process some data in a statistical manner through Google Analytics to understand how we can improve our web site for visitors and present products and information that is relevant and record visitors coming from adverts. IP addresses and referring URLs are used to achieve this.

We do not sell or share your data with any third parties.

We will only contact you to communicate with you about activity on our forum. This will usually be automated emails through the Invision Power Board forum software.

We do not record any telephone conversations, however, line managers will occasionally listen-in to conversations to help our staff improve their communication skills and level of service to you. Emails sent to us will be stored securely on internal email servers. Messages sent via this forum will be stored in its database.


Cookies, also known as browser cookies or tracking cookies are small text files which are downloaded to your device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) when you visit a website. The cookies then send data back to the website or other websites that recognise the cookie.

Cookies have many different uses, such as remembering a user's preferences, allowing efficient navigation and generally improving the user's online experience. They also help companies to identify how many people visit their website, and how they found it. Cookies cannot identify you personally.

More information about cookies and how to manage them can be found at allaboutcookies.org.

How do we use cookies

We don't set any of our own cookies on this domain. However, the forum software will set its own. The following is a list of possible cookies that may or may not be set. This list is pulled directly from https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/developing-plugins-and-applications/introduction-to-the-ips-framework/common-cookies-set-by-the-suite-r16/.

  • ips4_hasJS
    This cookie is set by javascript and then later read to determine if javascript is supported in the user agent.
  • ips4_ipsTimezone
    This cookie is set by javascript to detect the user's local time zone so that the software can adapt the displaying of times automatically.
  • ips4_IPSSessionFront
    This is a session tracking cookie, used to track the user between page clicks.
  • ips4_member_id
    This cookie would contain the user's member ID, used to "remember" the user in case their session ends between visits.
  • ips4_pass_hash
    This cookie would contain a hash used to validate that the viewing user's member ID was not forged (it is not the actual password hash).
  • ips4_chat_user_id (Guests only, Chat only)
    This cookie would track a guest user's unique "user ID" in the chat room
  • ips4_cms_filters (Pages only)
    This cookie would track filters set by a user when filtering content in the Pages application.
  • ips4_ipsApprovalQueueSplash (Moderators only)
    This cookie would track that a user has acknowledged the splash screen in the Moderator CP so that it is not shown again.
  • ips4_vseThemeId (Admins only)
    This cookie tracks which theme you are editing with the Visual Theme Editor (Easy Mode themes)
  • ips4_vle_editor (Admins only)
    this cookie tracks that you are using the visual language editor.
  • ips4_vle_keys (Admins only)
    This cookie is also used in conjunction with the visual language editor to track your changes.
  • ips4_acpTabs (Admins only)
    This cookie is used to track your ACP tab preferences
  • ips4_language (Guests only)
    This cookie is used to track a language preference for a guest if the site has more than one language installed and the guest user chooses a specific language to use.
  • ips4_anon_login
    This cookie is used to track a user's anonymous login preference if they choose this option during the login process.
  • ips4_theme (Guests only)
    This cookie is used to track a theme preference for a guest if the site has more than one theme installed and the guest user chooses a specific theme to use.
  • ips4_ipbforumpass_XXX
    When a forum has a specific password set, this cookie is set once a user logs in to that forum to validate that they have logged in on subsequent page loads.
  • ips4_thumbnailSize (Gallery only)
    This cookie tracks what type of table layout to use in Gallery listings (list view, small thumbnails or large thumbnails)
  • ips4_cm_reg (Commerce only)
    This cookie is used to track an invoice ID for a guest who is checking out so that we can associate the invoice correctly after the user registers or logs in.
  • ips4_support_order (Commerce only, Admins only)
    This cookie is used to track a user's support preferences while using the support system in the ACP to answer tickets.
  • ips4_support_filters (Commerce only, Admins only)
    This cookie is used to track a user's support preferences while using the support system in the ACP to answer tickets.
  • ips4_referred_by (Commerce only)
    This cookie is used to track referrals in Commerce when one user refers another user to a purchase.
  • ips4_noCache (Commerce only, Guests only)
    This cookie is set in order to prevent pages that have been cached from being served to a guest during the checkout process, as the software has the ability to cache guest pages for a configured period of time.
  • ips4_storeView (Commerce only)
    This cookie tracks a user's preference for viewing the store on the site, whether to show it in list view or grid view.

Your rights

The data we process belongs to you. We want you to understand your rights and what options you have. You can make a request to view, erase, modify or restrict processing of data we hold about you and, where there isn't a legal obligation stopping us from doing so and where the request is reasonable, we will process your request within 30 days at no charge.

Please send requests to data-protection@safelincs.co.uk.

You also have the right to complain to your local supervisory authority. Here in the UK we are governed by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO).

Data security

We take data security very seriously. We use web hosts with numerous ISO and PCI certifications, including ISO 27001 (information security management). All data transmission, both public facing and between our internal systems is done over a secure connection. Where technically feasible, we also encrypt all user data to industry standards or higher.

Our compliance

At Safelincs, we endeavor to surpass the minimum requirements for current data protection regulation compliance. We train our staff in data protection principles from the first day of employment and we perform impact assessments and record our activity on all personal data processing on our bespoke data protection management system.

If you have any questions or comments about your privacy or data protection, please email the data protection team.

Safelincs Fire Safety Forum, 33 West Street, Alford, Lincolnshire, LN13 9FX

Third Parties

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a web analysis service provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google utilizes the Data collected to track and examine the use of this website, to prepare reports on its activities and share them with other Google services.
Spam Defense
The IPS Spam Defense Service passes the email address and IP address of the registering member to the service to determine the likelihood a registering account is a spam source.
This site uses a CAPTCHA to ensure humans are performing certain actions. The CAPTCHA provider may set a session cookie and get information about your internet browser and device accessing this website.
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