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  2. I had a gas safety annual check and the engineer was shocked that there were no dates on the CO alarms, he still signed the form to say they were in date and working, I have scince learned that there is no way of testing if the sensor is faulty if the batteries are still working it will still flash green if the sensor has gone. I rang him to ask why he ticked they were in date if there was no date on them and he rushed round the next day to give me a new paper saying they were put of date? He is a friend of my landlady and condemned my gas fire as he said it had never been checked because on i
  3. Thank You for your reply. The stupid thing is that while these flats were let for holiday use, they did NOT have an issue. Now we are thinking of residential lets, the issue has come up. If a fire broke out, people on holiday would be more disorientated in a strange place yet these appliances were fine - whereas tenants would soon become familiar with the property but they need more safeguarding. Strange world lol
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  5. Hi, I'm the H&S officer for a small retailer and recently tested out our fire evacuation procedure. As we have an adjoining business and residential flats above part of this is to contact them to let them know we have a fire. The adjoining business is easy, the reception area is right next to our fire evacuation point so we can just tell the receptionist in person and they can start their process. The plan for the residential flats was to contact their help-desk and have them attempt to contact the residents, however once we put this to the test we found two major faults.
  6. It is worth checking that you do not have another alarm (Smoke or carbon monoxide) nearby or in a drawer / top of a cupboard as beeping every 90 seconds does indicate low battery, but you have to change the battery in the correct device. Often there have been posts similar to yours and they post back saying they "found an old device hiding with a low battery" If it helps I have been called to more than one case where the smoke alarm is beeping, only to find it is the smoke alarm beeping, but not the suspected one, but one further along the hall that is beeping. (Not found one in a drawer,
  7. For future reference: CO2 is carbon dioxide and is found in CO2 fire extinguishers, also it is what makes drinks fizzy. CO is carbon monoxide and is often found in improperly burnt materials. (Wood, gas, oil, coal) Both are colourless gasses, carbon dioxide is heavier than air, and carbon monoxide is roughly the same density as air. Carbon monoxide detectors can be activated by other gases, even newly laid screed has been known to activate a CO detector. There is such a thing as a CO2 detector, they also detect other gasses and are used in some industries (They are als
  8. Either remove and replace or use a separate surface mounted smoke seal, the former being preferred.
  9. In England/Wales you would be expected to see FD20 doors internally other than the bathroom, with no self closers. As FD20 doors aren't made sometimes an FD30 door will be fitted without the intumescent seal - other times they just put in a standard FD30 with intumescent seals. I would expect similar in Scotland
  10. Yes they are - they are taking about them being an ignition & combustible materials risk in an escape route, which is not permitted as oppose to just a physical obstruction.
  11. If it requires a code to get in, but not to get out it's OK. If a code is required to escape it isn't
  12. Hi Pete, what alarm model do you have? If not sure, can you please send a photo? Harry
  13. I've been told I can't have a welcome mat outside my door because it's a fire hazard but in my building witch has six flats we have wooden letter boxes under a electrical point and they even have phone books sat on top of them I told wdh this and said they are contradicting themselves this was 8 months ago nothing gets done
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    DETA smoke alarm fault

    My alarm won't stop bleeping put in a new battery and it still bleeps
  15. The law says it must have a permanent label which means it cannot be removed or extremely difficult to remove and if it was, then there sure be evidence to show it had been removed. Your problem is not a fire safety matter and it would be better dealt with by solicitors.
  16. AnthonyB, thanks for explanation.
  17. Last week
  18. Evening All, I have been handed a job to route out a riser cupboard door and fit a intumescent brush seal, however there is an intumescent seal built into the frame. I was led to believe when I did my fire door training that you cannot have both. Is this correct or should I just remove seal in the frame and replace with intumescent brush seal. Look forward to replies.
  19. Hi, please help this newbie. I am getting mixed messages from my architect and my builder about where I need fire doors. The current flat is on a the ground floor of a four storey listed building. There is a communal area and we have our own front door. The front door seems to be a fire door but the rest of them are the original Victorian doors. We have a cellar, current accessed by an outside steep staircase. We are about to knock through the floor and put an internal staircase in. We are planning to have bedrooms in the cellar and a sitting room and kitchen on the
  20. Hi I have 4 x 1-person flats off a 9m long communal corridor. Off the corridor, I have a stacked washer/dryer for communal use. My LA has advised that the washer/dryer are IN the escape route (even though they are in an area to the side and do not extend in any way into the corridor). They have advised that the washer/dryer must be placed inside a compartment with FD30 fire door and (yet another) interlinked fire alarm - there are already 2 in the 9m long corridor and also in every flat - all linked. So, my question is - are these appliances within the escape route or
  21. In a first floor flat with ground floor front door to the outside and a first floor balcony door, does the balcony door need to be a fire door?
  22. We have a fire/ CO2 detector combined and this morning it went off. It first beeped and and said fire and then beeped again and said danger CO2 and quit. It was a constant beeping, and it hasn’t done it again yet as of 30 minutes ago. Could this mean that the batteries are getting bad?
  23. Thanks for the reply Anthony. Flat was built in 2006 - does that make a difference? I find in some areas Scottish Technical Handbooks are vaque. My existing doors have intumescent seals; however, jamb mounted closers, hinges and latches/locks don't bare BS 1154, BS 1935 and BS 12206 stamps. The installation is also poor as doors do not maintain 3mm gaps and there are no labels present; therefore, my conclusion is that they are not fire doors, but the inclusion of 10x4 intumescent smoke seals through a spanner in the works. Any further information would be very helpful
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    Exit locked at work

    Recently our wharehouse manager has fitted combination locks on gates inside our stores, to keep drivers from walking in,but they are to be locked all the time only unlocked to allow drivers in or out,the gates are situated by the entrances to the wharehouse
  25. See https://www.gov.scot/publications/building-standards-technical-handbook-2019-domestic/2-fire/2-0-introduction/ Standards change over time - depending on the age of the flat a different specification would apply and be acceptable as building standards aren't retrospective if not carrying out work that comes under them.
  26. Yes, so long as you carry out the work within the scope of the technical data sheet for the fire door leaf. Contact the door leaf manufacturer for advice but if you cannot find out who made the door leaf consult a competent person before starting work.
  27. 1) My existing Flat Entrance door is 60 minute fire rated but, I would like to know if the doors within the Flat require to be fire rated (i.e Kitchen door, gas cupboard door, etc.) 2) Can you refer me to any Legislation? (I live in Scotland)
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