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  2. Consult a competent fire door inspector. They would examine the fire door assembly and then be able to advise about what can be done to improve its likely fire/smoke resistance performance. But remember, even after the works have been done a nominal door is still a nominal door.
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  4. If it says low battery then have you tried changing the battery? It may be the device has an old battery from new.
  5. Hi my carbon monoxide alarm(4mco) beeping show low battery its 3 day since I instal
  6. The maximum gap at the threshold for a timber-based fire door should be 10mm. Therefore you may need to fit a ramped threshold plate to the floor. Where restricted smoke spread is a requirement the maximum threshold gap is 3mm. Therefore, you may need to re-lip the bottom edge of the door, fit a ramped threshold plate and a threshold smoke seal.
  7. There is no reference to the use of PVC architraves in the BS 8214: 2016 Timber-based fire door assemblies - code of practice. So with reference to Flat Entrance Doors (often composite construction) I would consult the door manufacturer. Doors in communal areas are likely to be timber-based doors, therefore I would use timber-based architraves.
  8. Timber-based fire doors are tested for fire resistance (to BS 476 Part 22 / BSEN 1634-1) not for surface spread of flame. Therefore you may paint them. In any case water-based paints are very good, easy to use and available in a good range of colours these days.
  9. If you are changing the door from the house to the integral garage it would be advisable to install a self-closing fire resisting door with restricted smoke spread. If you don't want to do that, you could contact a competent consultant to see whether the works you are undertaking fall under the scope of building regulations https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/901517/Manual_to_building_regs_-_July_2020.pdf
  10. From what you say, it seems the self-closing devices have been incorrectly installed or possibly poorly adjusted. Contact a competent fire door installer / maintainer for assistance.
  11. There are UKAS accredited fire door installation schemes for companies and separately there are fire door installation training courses for individuals.
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    If the door has no manufacturer label (nominal door) can you still carry out repairs to door & if so how would you know what seals & locks to put on if you have no information about the door.
  14. Once you have gone through the doors there should be additional signage to direct people down stairs, the sign above the door relates to the door only. People went up at Grenfell not because of signs, but because they couldn't go down as the stairs were heavily smoke logged due to a catalogue of failings in the various protective measures in the building.
  15. Current risk assessment guidance recommends it in flats as a lower priority. The emergency lighting standard would expect it as standard. As legally a fire risk assessment must have been completed this should consider this issue.
  16. Fire Alarm: 6 monthly with weekly call point testing Emergency Lighting: 12 monthly with monthly function testing
  17. Usually yes. Building Control will advise in your specific case as part of your approval submission.
  18. Subject to risk assessment and the appropriate measures put in place it should be OK. BB100 design guidance for fire safety in schools will help you too as will other schools design publications
  19. The reason is the usual shoddy workmanship of modern builds and yes it's a fire safety risk. The developer will try and claim it's fine as it has Building Control sign off, but that doesn't cover workmanship, just that the doors and walls are in the right place and this has nothing to do with the ongoing compliance of the premises under fire legislation. The last developer that tried this on my watch ended up having to give in when the fire service served an Enforcement Notice....
  20. BS9991 is a design guide for use as an alternative to Approved Document B, not for application in risk assessments to legacy builds. You should consult the official guidance instead (which contains relevant summaries of all the old legislation from Victorian times onwards) which will proportionately address the situation: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-in-purpose-built-blocks-of-flats
  21. Sounds too complex and unique for an internet forum, a proper site inspection may be in order if definitive advice is needed.
  22. Emergency lights do not come on when smoke is present, they only come on when the lighting supply fails. The legal requirement is that non domestic premises must be safe at all times, the premises should have had a fire risk assessment which also covers emergency lighting requirements.
  23. No idea as you have given so little information.
  24. I would guess that someone has fitted the wrong doors, smoke and or fire would have no problem getting past the door.
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    Could anyone tell me how many litres of Solvent can be stored in a building, and how it should be stored, please?
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    Alarm Sounders

    Hi there, I live in a large block of flats which has been converted from a factory. It’s in east London. I’d say approximately 100yrs old or so. We have a stay put policy in place I believe. But there are sounders and detector heads throughout the building. It gets a bit difficult as my housing provider occupies 2 floors of this building. There are 5 floors and our areas occupy half of the ground and half of the 1st floor. I’m not sure what is in place for the private residents but I’m just concerned as to what I should do if I hear one of the sounders outside my flat. Thank you.
  27. I think this is the correct guidance, I have now found it but thought it would be good to post for others who may be searching: CP 3:Chapter IV:1948
  28. my carbon monoxide detector went off then stopped completely and has solid red light what should i do
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