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  1. Same question, make and model of detector please. (Also what is make and model of one on landing)
  2. That is a legal matter, not a fire related matter. I suggest your friend seeks legal advice. (But no, If it were me I would not be happy about it)
  3. Ian, daveol is unlikely to reply / defend his comment as it was made Last year, and it was daveol's last post. 🤐
  4. What is the make and model and age of this detector?
  5. The base can not make a sound, also with no batteries or mains the detector can not chirp. We have seen many posts on here just like yours, and a few have come back and said they found they had another detector they had forgotten about and it was this that was chirping. The favourite in a kitchen is on top of the cupboards. Good luck, please let us know the out come.
  6. Sorry if I am missing the obvious, If it is to open a door that goes inward, why can't you just open it with your foot or your elbow?
  7. green-foam

    Data cabling safety

    No, it would not be a good idea to run Ethernet cables under carpets. It has nothing to do with being a fire hazard, if run straight across under a carpet it could be a trip hazard, but more importantly the cable will get damaged and cause problems, not to mention it would also ruin the carpet. If you can't run the cables under the floor you can run them surface and clip them or better still put them in trunking.
  8. Green light indicates power. No green light means no power. Have you checked the connections at the previous detector (Mains off first)
  9. None of the above. All the sounders should continue to operate (Including the one that is in the fire) Just like This one. (Click here)
  10. Were the previous detectors working before you changed them? Also how many cables do these detectors have? The reason is, if they have two cables that will be loop in and loop out, which in turn means they are all fed from the same supply, if however they have just one cable that probably means they are all fed from the nearest supply. (A light fitting?) If they have two cables, I would check at the last known working detector (loft in your case)
  11. From what you have said, you tested it just after you replaced it without giving the battery time to fully charge. I would leave it to charge for 24 hours (to be sure) then turn the mains off again, this time the light should stay on for 3 hours.
  12. I am not wishing to pedantic but just out of curiosity I am watching some old extinguishers on ebay, one was being sold for £60+postage, this one has just been re listed after no bids, another is going for £25 (no bids) Both are Minimax conical, and both were made in 1942, both are empty. Just saying that if they still had their original contents they may have sold.
  13. That is true, but until it happens they are worth more. (As they are still full) Empty they are worth nothing as there are so many of them for sale, yes people ask for silly prices for them, but they don't get what they ask. I recall one was bing sold for £300, it went down to £150, it eventually sold for 99p
  14. I would be willing to pay more if it is full because it would be unique, since all the others are empty.
  15. If you remove its contents you are also removing value, since there are loads for sale starting at £30 (I doubt that will get even that much) but none that are for sale are still full like yours, besides if you offer them as collection only (as most of them are) it would not be your problem.
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