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  1. I feel I should point out that as a private individual it seems you can sell a sofa with no fire safety label, solely because you are a private individual. Merseyside firebrigade say so. It clearly states business, it then goes onto say Taken from the official merseyside fire brigade page Here
  2. You would be better off asking the fire alarm engineers who have their own dedicated forum.
  3. ................and your question is?
  4. I would guess it's "standby" battery requires changing.
  5. As you said its where the chirping appears to come from. It can not be coming from the base. The base has no components to make any noise, the base is just a means to connect cables to the "socket" the detector plugs into,
  6. Most petrol filling stations do not have a fire alarm, there is no point. Fire alarms are to give automatic warning that there is a fire, most (Not all) petrol station kiosks are so small if there was a fire, it would be easy to give a verbal warning as Tom suggests
  7. ...............and the question is?
  8. When I was making a collection (don't ask) I got mine from ebay. I have just looked some are only £10 each.
  9. Just my thoughts: Whilst I agree with AnthonyB, I look at it that "The customer is always right, even when he is wrong" It's pointless arguing in this case, and if you keep the customer by changing the tags to grey ones I would do it, BUT send them an invoice of £0.00 stating "At customer request change all anti-tamper tags to customer specified grey tags" That way he can not turn round and say you are admitting they are "The wrong colour"
  10. Keep the customer happy and use grey tags. A company I used to work for used a different colour every year.
  11. The "safety lights" (as you called them) usually only illuminate if there is a power failure only. If there was no power failure then they will not illuminate. I have some in my own home for this very reason.
  12. Since you have the particular unit , and I do not have one, what do the instructions say 4 loud beeps every minute mean?
  13. It is usually carried out by specially trained fire extinguisher engineers / demonstrators. I would contact a few fire extinguisher companies local to you and ask them. I understand that you want to demonstrate the correct use of portable fire extinguishers, but I have to ask are you trained to give such information, what would your insurance company say if one of your attendees caused a serious fire?
  14. Just to add, if you could have solar emergency lights, what would happen at night? There would be no sunshine so the lights would illuminate flattening the batteries making them useless. Not to mention that if the solar panels were roof mounted, who would clean them and remove the snow in winter. Solar EM lighting sounds a good idea, but the reality is, it's not possible and with technology, as it is it would still be more economical to buy mains operated EM lights, especially if you consider safe lincs can supply EM lights for less than £16.00 each Click here (Installation NOT included)
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