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  1. If it says low battery then have you tried changing the battery? It may be the device has an old battery from new.
  2. Emergency lights do not come on when smoke is present, they only come on when the lighting supply fails. The legal requirement is that non domestic premises must be safe at all times, the premises should have had a fire risk assessment which also covers emergency lighting requirements.
  3. No idea as you have given so little information.
  4. I would guess that someone has fitted the wrong doors, smoke and or fire would have no problem getting past the door.
  5. Fire exit signs are to indicate the way out. The staff and children will know the way out, visitors will not know, so will be guided by what the signs indicate.
  6. Just to point out and avoid confusion, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is what makes fizzy drinks fizz. CO is Carbon Monoxide and is lethal in small doses. Burglar alarms do not create CO since there is no combustion happening in the panel. I would also have to ask if what he said was true why did your CO alarm not start beeping again?
  7. Carbon monoxide is given off by unburnt organic fuel, I would suspect your wood burner or its chimney have a leak, you should get it checked by a HETAS person soon as possible, and do not use it until it has been checked.
  8. First alert have their own trouble shooting page for your smoke/co alarm, it can be found if you Click here
  9. You would need to contact a locksmith to make a key, as Phoenix safes would require proof of purchase. It may be cheaper to buy a new safe from a DIY store than to call a lock smith.
  10. My avatar picture is fake, sorry you can not buy a foam extinguisher that is green.

  11. In my experience, with regard to an electrical fire especially in a computer, once what ever caused the fault has burnt out it is very unlikely to reignite since it has burnt out. The main problem is that of surrounding materials igniting, such as dust, a good computer should be cleaned on an as and when basis, dust build up has also been known to cause problems, so keeping the inside of a computer clean is good housekeeping, thereby alleviating the dust problem. The next thing to consider is the supply to the computer, such as trailing leads, ideally these should be avoided and replaced by dedicated socket outlets, or at least secured to the wall so that the flex can not become damaged. I would favour a CO2 extinguisher for even a single computer as even though a water mist extinguisher does not conduct electricity, if left long enough there is the possibility the discharge could turn into carbonic acid and corrode the computer motherboard. (Write off) It would not happen instantly, but it would mean the computer would have to be stripped down and thoroughly dried and cleaned, whereas this would never happen with CO2, infact the most likely thing to cause a fire in a computer is the power supply, and if it did, you could take it out and change it and be back up and running within minutes, of course you should always back up your computer on a regular basis.
  12. If you take the smoke alarm down and turn it over the make/model should be printed on the back. If it is a standalone mains smoke alarm then any stand alone mains smoke alarm will be fine. If however it is an interlinked mains smoke alarm you will need to get another one of the same brand, you can find out by looking at the other smoke alarms.
  13. What exactly are people complaining of? it is just that often on this forum people will say the smoke alarm is beeping and that they have changed batteries, vacuumed them all to no avail, only to find it is NOT the smoke alarm in question beeping but another smoke alarm that is sitting in a drawer or on top of a kitchen cupboard that has been "forgotten about" Over the years I have personally been to several premises where the customer says the XYZ is beeping and I know full well it isn't because it has no buzzer to beep with and sure enough I found an old smoke alarm in an "unusual" place. As you have changed your smoke alarms 3 times and it is still a problem I do not see how they can be the cause, I suggest that this is the case in your situation, have you also looked in the loft?
  14. Assuming your carbon monoxide alarm has only gone off just the once, and it is NOT near its expiry date (Check the unit itself for a date, the average expected life is 5, 7 or 10 years, depending on make/model) and it still works when you press its test button, then you have nothing to worry about.
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