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  1. I am not wishing to pedantic but just out of curiosity I am watching some old extinguishers on ebay, one was being sold for £60+postage, this one has just been re listed after no bids, another is going for £25 (no bids) Both are Minimax conical, and both were made in 1942, both are empty. Just saying that if they still had their original contents they may have sold.
  2. That is true, but until it happens they are worth more. (As they are still full) Empty they are worth nothing as there are so many of them for sale, yes people ask for silly prices for them, but they don't get what they ask. I recall one was bing sold for £300, it went down to £150, it eventually sold for 99p
  3. I would be willing to pay more if it is full because it would be unique, since all the others are empty.
  4. If you remove its contents you are also removing value, since there are loads for sale starting at £30 (I doubt that will get even that much) but none that are for sale are still full like yours, besides if you offer them as collection only (as most of them are) it would not be your problem.
  5. Carbon Tetrachloride was used in "car fire extinguishers" and the extinguisher itself looked like a big syringe. Yours being conical are soda acid Yours are full of sodium bicarbonate and a glass container of sulphuric acid, when the plunger is struck it breaks the glass container allowing the two to mix, producing carbon dioxide and "water" The carbon dioxide forces the water out. Being as old as they are short of chemically testing the acid and the bicarb you can not say if they will work, don't strike the plunger "to find out" as once started they can not be stopped. I wouldn't open them either, sulphuric acid is very corrosive. (But in its container, it is fine) If I were you I would list them on ebay as collection only, I doubt you will get that much for them but it all depends who wants them and can travel to you.
  6. Sprinklers only stop when the water runs out or some one turns them off. Sprinklers only activate at a preset temperature, and it has to be that temperature at the sprinkler before it operates (The red ones it is 68 degrees centigrade, the colour of the sprinkler bulb denotes at which temperature the sprinkler operates at) So for example if a pc monitor caught fire I doubt it would reach 68 degrees at a sprinkler since there is not much to actually burn, and no doubt it would start smoking first in which case some one would have turned it off. If the pc monitor was surrounded by combustible materials and these also ignited then yes the chances are the sprinkler would activate and yes there is a possibility the water would short out the electricity but that would cause the fuse in the plug to blow (cutting off the electricity) You also have to consider that unlike the movies, chances are some one would have noticed (in this case) the monitor and surrounding area is on fire and they would have raised the alarm and or be using a fire extinguisher for its intended use. Sprinklers are mainly to stop fire when the area is unoccupied, so there would be no danger to life.
  7. Would it not be a good idea to ask Fire Angel? Click here
  8. Make and model of smoke detector would help
  9. Humour me please. Take the batteries out of both smoke detectors and turn the mains off. Wait for a few minutes, can you still hear the beep? My reasoning is, I have lost count the number of times people have said it is the smoke detector beeping, and by doing the afore mentioned proves that it is not the obvious detectors, but one nearby that has been forgotten about.
  10. Can the sounders not be heard from outside the front door? thereby negating any reason to come in
  11. (Since no one has pointed it out............) It is unlikely Gil Gilmour will ever reply as the question was asked in April 2018 which is now 18 months ago. Most folk will ask their question (sometimes) interact until they get a reply, then are never heard from again. This is one of those times.
  12. Toby, I doubt you will get a reply from Steve B as he only made the one post, and has never been back since, also in general it is never a good idea to ask on a forum how much someone paid for a job since it will always have too many variables to be of any use, such as location, labour rate in your area, actual materials used, not to mention he asked over a year ago and prices in general have changed.
  13. just saying.............safelincs supply a 1 litre water mist Click here
  14. green-foam


    You would need to ask who ever maintains your fire alarm can as you request be done.
  15. green-foam

    Re4mote Building

    No, because what would charge the fittings when there is not enough sunlight? I also have to ask why would you need emergency lighting, when there is no existing lighting to fail? if anyone is going into the building when its dark, would they not already be carrying a torch?
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