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  1. Humour me please. Take the batteries out of both smoke detectors and turn the mains off. Wait for a few minutes, can you still hear the beep? My reasoning is, I have lost count the number of times people have said it is the smoke detector beeping, and by doing the afore mentioned proves that it is not the obvious detectors, but one nearby that has been forgotten about.
  2. Can the sounders not be heard from outside the front door? thereby negating any reason to come in
  3. (Since no one has pointed it out............) It is unlikely Gil Gilmour will ever reply as the question was asked in April 2018 which is now 18 months ago. Most folk will ask their question (sometimes) interact until they get a reply, then are never heard from again. This is one of those times.
  4. Toby, I doubt you will get a reply from Steve B as he only made the one post, and has never been back since, also in general it is never a good idea to ask on a forum how much someone paid for a job since it will always have too many variables to be of any use, such as location, labour rate in your area, actual materials used, not to mention he asked over a year ago and prices in general have changed.
  5. just saying.............safelincs supply a 1 litre water mist Click here
  6. green-foam


    You would need to ask who ever maintains your fire alarm can as you request be done.
  7. green-foam

    Re4mote Building

    No, because what would charge the fittings when there is not enough sunlight? I also have to ask why would you need emergency lighting, when there is no existing lighting to fail? if anyone is going into the building when its dark, would they not already be carrying a torch?
  8. Why not phone them and ask will they accept it?
  9. Hi charge usually means the battery is being over charged. What do the instructions say?
  10. Would it not be a better idea to get back in touch with the person/department at the council and ask them? I have to agree with you, there is no point in boarding the stairs since smoke can easily pass up the side.
  11. I would suggest that as it is changing smoke detectors it has nothing to do with part p, since there is nothing new being added, I would however suggest that it has to be done by a competent person, a competent person does not have to be an electrician, but does need to know what they are doing.
  12. I feel I should point out that as a private individual it seems you can sell a sofa with no fire safety label, solely because you are a private individual. Merseyside firebrigade say so. It clearly states business, it then goes onto say Taken from the official merseyside fire brigade page Here
  13. You would be better off asking the fire alarm engineers who have their own dedicated forum.
  14. ................and your question is?
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