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  1. green-foam

    Ei144 wont stop beeping!

    As Harry said, its something else, it can not be cables / wires since they do not beep.
  2. green-foam

    CO alarm in loft

    I agree with Tom, Carbon monoxide is generally considered to be the same density as air, but since it is often hot, it rises. I would guess (and it is only a guess) that your electrician is either confused or misunderstanding about carbon monoxide, allow me. Carbon monoxide is the same density as air and so it generally sits there. Its chemical formula in words is CO Carbon dioxide is heaver than air and will always fall to the lowest point that it can. Its chemical formula in words is CO2 I often find that people do not realise this fact and will often call a carbon monoxide detector a carbon dioxide detector or label its supply as "CO2 detector" when it should be "CO detector" I am guessing your electrician thinks that any carbon monoxide produced will "fall through the gap in the loft hatch" and activate the alarm. As I said carbon monoxide will not do that but carbon dioxide would fall through the gap. (But not set off a carbon monoxide alarm) Carbon dioxide is what makes fizzy drinks fizzy. And is only lethal in large volumes Carbon monoxide is the product of improper combustion and is lethal in minute volumes.
  3. green-foam

    Manual Call Points & Addressable System

    I would take that further and say anyone who is NOT a fire alarm engineer gets a "Frosty reply"
  4. green-foam

    Manual Call Points & Addressable System

    If you could add non addressable call point to the system (I don't think you can) would that not defeat the whole idea of it being addressable? (You would not know which call point had been operated)
  5. I have to ask, what is this refillable air cylinder for, and what regulator and hoses have you got (what are they for)
  6. green-foam

    Smoke Alarm Faulty

    I would suggest this is more of a legal matter than anything else. My thought would be to ask them to look at your device and take it from there / seek legal advice.
  7. green-foam

    Can owner occupier remove smoke alarms?

    Poking wires back into the ceiling? what would happen if there was a fire? Nothing because you had poked the wires back in the ceiling, Do as Harry suggests change just the detectors and have peace of mind
  8. I for one do not believe it is your alarm making a noise. I am suggesting it is something entirely different which may or may not be supplied by the mains (I would say its not) The other suggestion would be to ask is there a loft space? and if so have you looked / listened in there.
  9. I would be inclined to agree with Harry, but for similar reasons. The base has no sounder, but even a smoke detector does not have a "timer" as such, and as you say it happens at the same time once a day, that implies a timer of some description and what better timer / sounder than an alarm clock or maybe an old mobile phone, in a drawer maybe?
  10. Only asking. Are you sure that last statement is correct, since the "dad" is a private individual and the law does not apply to private sellers.
  11. I believe you will find it is just a UK address that was used, so it is NOT a UK seller, I myself have ordered products listed on ebay, (UK address) only to find they come direct from China. If you paid by credit card or PayPal they may be able to help.
  12. green-foam


    Without further information I can not see how any one can be of help to you. Information such as make / brand of light Is this light in a fitting or is a it "Just a huge single LED?" Has anyone been working on the lights Anything else you may think relevant
  13. Stand alone battery smoke alarms will continue to sound until the air is clear from smoke or the battery runs flat. If you can not reach one that has activated for a known reason I can only suggest you "waft" something slightly solid (Folded newspaper at worst) under it to dissipate the smoke.
  14. green-foam

    smoke alarm going off for no reason

    I would have to ask, are they "fire alarms" or are they "smoke alarms" I will guess you mean smoke alarms, the interesting thing is, you say they only went off at night, and several nights in a row. From that I have to ask would any one have been down stairs, may be making toast and forgot it and it got burnt? The other question is since you first asked your question, has it happened again? If the answer is no, I would say that what ever was causing the smoke alarm to activate is no longer there. If the answer is yes, next time it happens go straight to the detector and look at it , see if you can see / smell anything "odd"
  15. Thing is..............the job has probably been done by now as it was asked back in 2016