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Found 22 results

  1. What are the requirements for fitting a fire door from a utility room in to a garage in a private property please. I have one just fitted by builders and I don't think they understand what the format is for fitting. Please confirm. Thank you v much
  2. I am a mechanical design engineer and was wondering what is the maximum distance a fire door can be undercut by. I have contacted building control and have been informed that this is 4mm, but have been told by other engineers that they have previously been told that it is 20mm. Please could you confirm the actual dimension as i do not seem to be able to find anything with the Building Regulations either.
  3. I need advice on the size of the vision panels seen in most fire doors. Also is there a supplier who supplies just the individual vision panel as i have a hardwood door but i need to put in a vision panel so hence the need to buy a separate one. thanks
  4. Hi , I wondered if there is a pamphlet regarding the regulations re fitting fire doors. We are converting a loft in an old house . 1) do we have to fit imtumecent seals, if we have a ready made fire door? 2) if we fit the seals to excisting doors does that make them fire proof to standard? 3) do we have to do anything else to the frames? thanks for your time, I hope you can help us. charlie
  5. Please can you advise where I can find information concerning when it is a requirement to have door closers. Closers have been removed in our apartment and I can see no legal reason why I would need to replace them. Can you advise?
  6. We have a client that has inserted ventilation panels into his paint mixing room fire door, to allow better air flow. We believe that this has damaged the integrity of the door and he should no longer class it as a fire door. Where can I find some documented evidence to support our belief and persuade him to buy a new fire door.
  7. Hi, I am wandering if anyone can help me! I have been putting metal fire doors signs on my fire doors with the screws provided. I was told by a friend that screwing the signs into the door will actually reduce its integrity and voids its "fire door" status. Is this correct? Than you Rog
  8. Hello, I am living in house, provided by my employer in England. This is renovated one. We found our fire doors very heavy to open. Is here any regulation which determines how heavy the fire doors should be?
  9. Hi We are installing door closers on fire doors separating offices from the main escape routes to stop fires in offices spread to passages. So the risk side is mainly in office. Should the door closer body be on the inside or outside of the fire door? Thanks
  10. Guest

    Fire door towards communal area?

    I have a leasehold flat in a block that is run by a Housing Association and our front door leads to a communal area that in turn has an external door to the outside. The question I have is whether we should have a fire-door as our front door and what the regulations state regarding this. The Housing Association is only now telling me they want to fit a fire-door because I told them it wasn't. They didn't seem to have an issue with it before I told them. I would appreciate your help as the housing association are charging alot of money for the installation. Regards,
  11. Hi, Can we fit 12mm plasterboard to one side of a panelled door with 6mm ply on that as a face to decorate together with smoke/intumescent seals - would that achieve half-hour resistance ?
  12. What are the requirements for door stops (part of the frame-usually nailed to the lining of the door) in FD30 doors? Assuming adequate intumescent seals are fitted into doors/linings does the door stop need to be of a certain thickness? I seem to get different information from my suppliers and a web research hasn’t made me any wiser
  13. please advise me of the miimum width of a fire escape route door opening in a domestic dwelling.
  14. I have been told by a manufacturer tha to use a timber veneer type product as the facing material on any fire door then the maximum approved thickness cannot be greater than 2.0mm. Is this correct and if so where can I find the regulations associated with facing materials
  15. Hi, are there any guidances or legislations concerning the position of MDR in relationship with closing device? When designing door retainers to doors with floor mounted springs and high level closers, with say, regard to prevent door stresses and the fire door from warping so that the retainer should be mounted adajacent to the closer? Or would this be just best practice?
  16. please advise on the technical difference between a 1 hour fire door and a 2 hour fire door, besides the obvious 1hr fire rating. thanks
  17. We have had a recent fire inspection and have been advised that we need to fit smoke seals and intumescent strips to our existing fire doors which are over 30 years old. The Building Manager has raised concerns that we should not be modifying or adapting exsiting fire doors and this may be in breach of Building Regs? Is this correct? We have been advised that intumescent strips are within the lippings of some of the existing doors and in order to fit smoke seals we will need to rout out the door edges to fit the smoke seal. Can you please advise if we can modify existing door se
  18. We are refurbishing a block of flats. Currently the flat doors, communal doors and riser cupboards all have the intumescent strips and seals installed in the door frames but not in the doors. Does this comply with regulations?
  19. When fitting a fire door, if you plane off the hardwood edge lipping, does this compromise the integrity of the fire door even if you still install intumescent strips?
  20. Please would you advise if I need to put in fire check doors in a 5 bedroom 2 storey house. The was built approx 1900 and is let.
  21. We need to fit a service hatch between a plant room and a service corridor. It should be 1hour fire rated. Can we simply use a small door of 1mtrs square with a closer and latch or does this break the rules. Can you supply such a door and frame please and if so how much. Thanks
  22. Hi, I wanted your advice as I am the landlady of a shared house which is let to tenants. A fire door has been fitted to one of the rooms and unfortunately the previous tenant has drilled into it to fit a bolt and lock to it. They have removed this on leaving and filled the small holes with filler. I am wondering whether this will affect the fire proofing of the door and am concerned whether it requires me to completely replace the door with a new one. I would be grateful for any information and advice which you could send me. Thank you Helen
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