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  1. The owners or those acting for the owners (Management Company) are the Responsible Person as defined by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 but because there are no common areas the regulations do not apply. However you could check the FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing which is the guidance for your type of premises and see if it conforms, for your own peace of mind. Domestic Premises are exempt from the regulations and domestic premises is defined as ""domestic premises" means premises occupied as a private dwelling (including any garden, yard, garage, outhouse, or other appurtenance of such premises which is not used in common by the occupants of more than one such dwelling);
  2. Victorian conversion 3 flats

    The owners/landlord or the management company are the Responsible Person as defined by The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. They have a duty to conduct a fire risk assessment (FRA) under the regulations and act on the findings. They certainly have a duty to carry out the significant findings of the FRA, which you have detailed above, but how it is paid for is a matter for the tenant agreement. The guide for the FRA would be FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing which would have been used by the fire risk assessor, which shows what is required to meet the required standard of the regulations.
  3. Can I connect an exit sign to power cord?

    What do they say about the USA and UK, two nations separated by a common language, in the UK we have live, neutral and earth, I could make guesses on your terminology, but not prepared to, you need to speak to an electrician over there.
  4. I am afraid not, the boiler is located in an escape route and needs to be a FD30s door which needs to control smoke and a intumescent fire grill would totally defeat this purpose. You will need to look for ventilation from the outside.
  5. FD20 doors

    You could contact the fire door inspection service at http://fdis.co.uk/ and have an inspection which will provide a written report which you could use to appeal against the building control decision. You also check out the https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200128/building_control to see if there is any help there.
  6. Are door mats outside door a fire risk?

    A door mat IMO cannot be described as upholstered furniture or furnishings so it would not fall under the Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home and a FRA in the common areas falls clearly under The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  7. Smoke alarms in self-contained flats

    You correct I should have said they are HMO's but not licensed HMO's.
  8. Warden or Marshal

    A Fire Marshall in USA, in the UK is Fire Safety Inspector so I would use fire warden it is more British, I remember air raid wardens. (God Save the Queen)
  9. Why do you need a fire door, is it to protect a means of escape or is it to prevent the spread of fire? The fire door you propose to buy, just says that, it does not give any details of its fire properties and how it should be installed, I would need more details before I could make any comments. I think your father in-law is correct fitting a intumescent fire grill defeats to purpose of the fire door it would prevent the spread of fire but not smoke, so it depends what the fire door is for. If you have a open flue boiler and the ventilation is required for combustion then you need to study Approved Document J: combustion appliances and fuel storage systems.
  10. Cars blocking fire exit

    You could try what I have suggested above or try a solicitor maybe a solicitors letter could have the desired effect but I am not aware of any fire safety law that could help you.
  11. Fire exit into garden

    Could he provide an exit from the garden and if so would the means of escape be satisfactory.
  12. Re-entering building to assist in evacuation

    Check out https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/422202/9446_Means_of_Escape_v2_.pdf may be helpful.
  13. Signage for primary route

    BS 5499 part 4 says the primary escape route from each room to a final exit should be signed and if you have to make a choice, the shorter route should be choose, if they are both the same, distance then both should be signed. Because you have to assess from each room, then each room will have its own primary escape route which means all escape routes would need signing. I think it is important that unfamiliar escape routes should be signed but if you follow the guidance of the BS then it is more than likely that all escape routes will be signed anyway.
  14. Fire doors required?

    Check out https://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-door-fitting-and-ironmongery/.
  15. Normally the regular ingress/exit from your place of work does not need to be signed only the less common routes and emergency exit luminaires are needed to illuminate those signs. However if required emergency exit lighting should cover all the routes out of the premises to the prescribed levels,. If the rooms are fairly large I would place a luminaire close to each door and then check the level of light to see if any more are required.