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  1. Scotland has its own fire safety legislation, building regulations and guides; despite that complication, you are asking for a fire risk assessment to deal with disabled persons and that would be impossible to conduct without a physical inspection or at least detailed plans showing escape route travel distances also any fire resistant construction. I would suggest you speak to the fire risk assessor that completed your initial FRA and ask him/her their opinions on your proposals. You also need to understand the terminology check out https://www2.gov.scot/Topics/Justice/policies/police-fire-rescue/fire/FireLaw and http://www.firesafetyfirst.co.uk/publications/Scotland - The Evacuation of Disabled Persons from Buildings.pdf
  2. Tom Sutton

    BS Fire Safety Regulations for Curtain/Blind Makers

    FRFree are you saying if your employ a plumber in your house or you convert the back room into a office, it becomes a workplace, which I equate to the situation above, the principle use of the premiese still remains a domestic property.
  3. Tom Sutton

    What gap under fire door

    Neil assuming the floor is not level and you if you fit a threshold plate to the floor would this not create a tripping hazard or could you make a bespoke one out of hardwood with a chamfer on each side?
  4. Check out https://www.safelincs-forum.co.uk/topic/5637-fire-exit-to-be-closed/?tab=comments#comment-12036. Yours is the reverse of this situation and in your case get your solicitor to send a letter to next door telling them you are going to block off the second exit and give them reasonable time to make alternative arrangements then block it off, check this with your solicitor first. Your solicitor should deal with the situation and advise you accordingly.
  5. Tom Sutton

    HMO - Purpose built flat.

    I am assuming smoke alarms are fitted therefore no smoke seals because the smoke alarms require smoke leakage from the room of origin, to activate. As evacuation from a domestic premises is more likely to be in the cold smoke stage then intumescent strips will not be necessary for life safety but more for property protection which may be worth considering.
  6. Tom Sutton

    What gap under fire door

    It depends on what is meant by drop seal, if it is drop down smoke seal that should solve the problem. Check out https://www.safelincs.co.uk/surface-mounted-drop-down-smoke-seal/.
  7. Tom Sutton

    Replacement Doors

    I am not aware of any such guidance but the current guidance is clear Fire safety in purpose-built blocks of flats, if a new door has to be fitted it must be FD30s fire door to the current standards and fitted with an approved self closer. If an existing front door is a well fitting, of substantial construction with an approved self closer then it can be accepted also I would require all door furniture meets the current standards. Consequently I would think to replace individual doors as necessary depending on door inspections.
  8. Tom Sutton

    HMO - Purpose built flat.

    The front door is subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and needs to be a FD30s fire door with an approved self closer fitted, when installing a new front door. The inside of the flat is subject to The Housing Act 2004 and may be subject to the Building Regulations, consequently most internal doors are FD20 Fire Doors or well fitting substantial standard doors with no self closers. There may be situations where a a FD30 fire door is required for a kitchen depending on layout.
  9. Tom Sutton

    2 Storey Office Building

    It is impossible to give you an answer with the details you have provided, it could be acceptable on the other hand it may not be acceptable. I would need the answers to many more questions, like the layout, travel distances and others, so I would suggest you employ the services of a fire safety consultant to look at your proposals.
  10. The beeping noise is used to alert you to unsafe CO levels. It is usually in the form of 4 beeps, a pause, then 4 more beeps. This pattern is repeated continuously until the CO level drops or until you press the “mute” button. So this would indicate it detected CO, but as it cleared after your actions, I would imagine that an unsafe level of CO did not remain and a spike had activated the detector which is now cleared. What I would do is monitor the detector and if any of your actions repeat the situation take appropriate actions to prevent the spike. If you have any doubts contact the gas board and seek their advice.
  11. Without knowing the layout of the premises and the fire action plan you cannot give a reasonable answer.
  12. Tom Sutton

    Emergency lighting

    Is regulations necessary, it is pretty obvious to me it should be securely fitted as common sense would dictate.
  13. Tom Sutton


    Harry as answered this one and you responded.
  14. Tom Sutton

    Wiring update Ei151 to Ei161

    Its clear to me , that is what harry is saying.
  15. Tom Sutton

    Making a bespoke FD30

    New fire doors has to meet the latest standards which means installing fire door sets, this means the fire door including the frame. It should have documentation proving it meets the required standard, plus details on all the door furniture, also full installation instructions. This means if you should alter the door in any way the certificate would be null and void. All this is subject to the Building Control Officer/Authorised Inspector final inspection so you need to get their opinions first before you start or the owner may not get a completion certificate.