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  1. I have more faith in the general public than you, if the signs are fixed as AB has indicated they would find there way out quite easily.
  2. Does the fire door require to be able to control cold smoke because if it is a fd30 fire door the maximum 4mm gaps only apply to the sides and the top, if it is a FD30s it would also include the threshold gap or fit cold smoke brushes and you would need controlled ventilation panels. You never said what type of premises it is, domestic or commercial.
  3. Yes 2mm to 4mm check out BS 8214: 2016 https://shop.bsigroup.com/ProductDetail/?pid=000000000030332501 IFSA https://www.ifsa.org.uk/documents.
  4. Ian are you answering a question if so what is the question or making a rhetorical statement that most retail emergency lighting sources are not actually 3rd party approved.
  5. All final escape doors should be openable from the inside, without a key, when the premise is occupied, access from the outside is immaterial.
  6. There are a number of methods used, you have mentions two. The head of each department or floor should know who is present and ensure that those under his control, properly evacuates, then reports it to the person who will be talking to the fire service. It is important to know who is in the building and then ensure they are all present at the roll call.
  7. Check out Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home A Guide to the UK Regulations for more exact details contact FIRA.
  8. Check out Building Regulations. Meaning of material alteration 3. (2) an alteration is material for the purposes of these Regulations if the work, or any part of it, would at any stage result— (a) in a building or controlled service or fitting not complying with a relevant requirement where previously it did; or (b) in a building or controlled service or fitting which before the work commenced did not comply with a relevant requirement, being more unsatisfactory in relation to such a requirement. (3) In paragraph (2) “relevant requirement” means any of the following ap
  9. I can see your concerns but check out https://www.members.labc.co.uk/sites/default/files/EXT.SCA-Guidance-on-Smoke-Control-to-Common-Escape-Routes-Oct2015.LSt_.v2.151116.pdf and see it this guide helps.
  10. I do not understand the layout, are you changing the front door of you flat or the staircase?
  11. I think what you are proposing sounds reasonable but reducing 60 minute protection to 30 minute protection may need building regs approval you should consult with building control.
  12. Its something I would not give too much consideration to, as CE certification will not be relevant to UK goods soon as we are now out of EC completely. It may be different if you work in Europe or are a manufacturer who wishes to sell to Europe. I would wait to see what the UK decides to to do in the future.
  13. You cannot if it is manufactured abroad they are not subject to the FFFSR, if its from Europe check out the CE standards which included us, but for how long I am not sure. Check with the seller and see what they have to say.
  14. The door closer usually closes the door quite quickly until it gets within 150mm of the frame and then slows down for the final close resulting in some noise but not what I would call loud.
  15. Did you conduct the FRA or are you the RP or acting for the RP.
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