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  1. This would all depend on the results of a FRA it may need to be upgraded to half hour or not depended on the results of the FRA.
  2. This appears to be a health and safety problem not a Fire Safety problem try an appropriate forum.
  3. It appears this question originates in United States and the forum is a UK based forum consequently you need to contact a United States based forum the legislation is different.
  4. I do not have any expertise in BS security locking system but I did have a Fire Safety website which is now run by https://www.firesafe.org.uk/ and there is apage on FS door furniture which may be useful.
  5. By involving the enforcement authority. (Fire and rescue Service0
  6. Insufficient information to be ably to respond.
  7. The purpose of a FRA is to what is required and needed in accordance with the fire safety order. Each flat requires a domestic part 6 smoke detector system and the common areas may require a part 1 smoke alarm with a heat detector located inside each flat adjacent to the front door so without a full survey it is impossible to ascertain what is required.
  8. 1. Yes fire doors can be half the fire resistance of the wall, check out ADB, compartmentation. 2. Depends on the circumstances is it MoE of fire separation.
  9. Is there any fire separation at floor level in the riser and does the riser meet a half hour standard excluding the smoke problem.
  10. In my opinion two FD30s doors at the intersection of the west and cross corridor also similar arrangement for the east corridor. Also three FD30s doors at the intersection of the central and cross corridor, would achieve acceptable travel distances to places of relative safety/ultimate safety. What I am unable to establish if it is possible for a fire to pass from any section of corridor to another via the office space/sales area.
  11. There are certificated fire doors which has a means of identifying them and nominal fire doors which require examination by an expert to identify them. There has been a number of British Standards on fire doors which initially identified the weak point was the gap between the door and the frame. This was first solved by providing a 25mm rebate but later the fire test was changed and the 25mm rebate failed, consequently in the 1980,s intumescent seal was used. The internal face of a frame where the door is hung, usually has a step, 12mm, 25mm or no step is a possibility, this step is known as the rebate on which the door closes. The smoke seal is sometimes used on certain fire doors which are indicated by the lowercase "s" after FD30/60 and you can purchase intumescent and cold smoke seals separately. Check out https://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-doors/ may be helpful.
  12. You need to find out about the fire procedure in the event of an emergency it could be similar to the situation in many public entertainment venues.
  13. The fact it is a fire door is irrelevant you need to consider the means of escape and how the door furniture will affect the escape route.
  14. Without seeing a particular door it is impossible to say but I would imagine it is like most new things, take cars for instance they usually have a 6 monthly service from new to sort out any problems.
  15. Is this a private or public lift?
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