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Served my time as a bricklayer and in 1962 joined the Liverpool Fire Brigade (Merseyside FRS) and rose in the ranks to Fire Safety Commander (SDO) and retired in 1997.

I carried on with my interest in fire safety and produced a website called the Fire Safety Advice Centre which now is carried on by Safelincs. (www.firesafe.org.uk) I still have technical interest in fire safety which has not changed that much from my day but is now risk based as opposed to the prescriptive system I worked with.

I expect to to carry on with my interest in fire safety until I am called to that big fire station in the sky.

My information can become dated and it is important to treat all information with caution. My guidance provides basic information and a general overview on the subject. You should seek confirmation from fire safety professionals like your local fire safety officer, fire safety consultants, fire safety installation engineers/designers and manufacturers.

If you wish to get a deeper understanding of the subject, you will need to study all the relevant legislation, guides and British/European Standards. You will be able to download much of the legislation and guides. However British/European standards can usually be viewed at the local reference library but as a last resort you are able to purchase them.

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