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    GENERAL ADVICE AND GUIDELINES A stair-lift should not be installed in a single stairway building if it causes an unacceptable restriction in width to the only available route of escape. The stairway width required for means of escape should be maintained beyond the incursion into the stairway width of any fixed part of the stair-lift such as the carriage rail. The effect of other parts of the installation on the width of the escape routes should also be considered e.g. the power unit and the stair-lift itself when in the closed position. I am assuming there is only one communal staircase therefore it is not acceptable and the minimum escape width would be 30 inches leaving 12 inches for the stair lift which in my experience would be not sufficient.
  2. I got one when they installed a gas pipe feeding my newly install gas boiler?
  3. You are unlikely to find any BSS standards there are industrial and HSE codes of practice for LPG/fuel oils also there is another complication both being stored together?
  4. Without full details it is impossible to give a definitive reply but in most situations it is normal to have such areas enclosed in fire resistant construction and I would be asking for it to meet good workmanship standard and brought up to a fire resistant standard that would reduce the chances of fire spread.
  5. With no stamp how can you evaluate to what standard they meet therefore I would consider them not suitable. Check with the manufacturer.
  6. Is there any purpose for these holes or is it poor workmanship.
  7. It appears to me that the label is an e example of a shorter label which is only for use on certain items and not a sofa. I would suggest you contact the enforcing authority, Trading Standards Department or you could try FIRA Guide to the UK Regulations.
  8. has the owner received a building regulations compliance certificated?
  9. Escape windows are not only required for self rescue they provide means for a third party to effect a rescue i.e. fire service. Also locks (with or without removable keys) and opening stays (with child-resistant release catches) may be fitted to escape windows and mechanical air vents could be fitted for ventilation. Regarding the garden the council may be able to provide help through social services. I would have thought that the housing association has met their statutory requirements and all that is open to you is persuasion.
  10. Trading Standards Department are the enforcing authority they would be best to respond to this question. What I can say is any materials used to satisfy the regulations needs written proof that they meet the required fire resisting standards.
  11. PPE dosent figure in FRA, so I do not have answer for you, I use a different method to assess risk hazard, check out https://www.firesafe.org.uk/fire-risk-assessment/
  12. Have you spoken to the landlord and/or the council who are responsible for these premises, you could also contact the local fire service, fire safety department. You will need evidence and as items 1 2 3 all relate to the standard of the fire doors therefore you need them inspecting by a competent person like a member of FDIS and get an inspection report. I assume you mean the fire alarm panel when you refer to the panels, however I am not aware of any 24hr inspection, there are inspections required by the guidance and a logbook is required, check out BS5839.
  13. The walls, floor, vertical shafts and ceiling all form the protected route and should achieve the required fire resistance. Not everything will appear in guidance or regulations you have to use common sense and your experience. For instance if the hatch to a loft is in a staircase then you need to conduct a fire risk assessment to ascertain the hazard of a fire in a flat or loft space spreading to the staircase and making it impassable.
  14. You should be fixing fire door sets not fire door leaves only and as the frames as well as the leaves have been tested, then you can be sure that they meet the correct standard.
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