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  1. Firstly you need to know what type of fire alarms are required, check out HOUSING – FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing to find out what grades are required.
  2. Tom Sutton

    Intumescent air transfer blocks

    No Prob.
  3. Tom Sutton

    Intermittent alarm from smoke detector

    I had the same problem some weeks ago and it worked for me.
  4. Get them back they haven't solved the problem.
  5. Tom Sutton

    EI134 alarm battery replacement

    Check out https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrLIgnLxG5cJFUAtT5LBQx.;_ylu=X3oDMTByZmVxM3N0BGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=how+to+release+a+Ei134+smoke+alarm+from+its+base+plate&fr=yfp-t#id=3&vid=318097c7a1bb90bc010586c736b1fff3&action=view it may work.
  6. As far as I am aware here is no dispensation given anywhere for such establishments, if fire doors are required then they must be fitted with self closers. A fire door that is not closed when a fire starts then it is not a fire door and will not perform its purpose.
  7. Tom Sutton

    Fire Detection n building site

    It all depends on the type of fire alarm installed, if it is only a type M system then I do not see many problems, if it is a type P system, then that is up to the owners or insurance to provide alternative protection, if it is a type L system then you would need to know the full layout of the fire alarm to give a definitive answer.
  8. I think the answer is to speak to them and get their views on thier matter.
  9. If the flats have no fire alarm you could consider cam action doors closer which is extremely efficient, allowing the closer to be set to provide reliable closing power for fire door applications yet still be easy to open.
  10. You only require to update if there has been a material alteration that has made the means of escape worse.
  11. Why? but if you do need an alternative fire escape route, escape through the garage could be acceptable, but the two routes would have to be separated by a minimum 30 mins fire resistance.
  12. Tom Sutton

    BS 9999

    There is a few libraries throughout the country that give free access to BSI online, but it must be viewed in the library premises. Most universities give free access to their students and you can take out BSI membership, at a cost, and get standards half price. Other than that it's an expensive game.
  13. Tom Sutton

    Intumescent strips and smoke seals

    In the 60/70s the only door I remember had cold smoke seals was, smoke stop across corridor doors, used to divide up long protected corridors, into 60 feet maximum length.