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  1. The Regulations do not apply to furniture intended for export and furniture manufactured prior to 1950. Check out https://www.firesafe.org.uk/furniture-and-furnishings-fire-safety-regulations-19881989-and-1993/ so the level of fire resistance will be up to you but I would mimic the regulations for peace of mind. You could include a label that indicated that the item was manufactured pre 1950.
  2. I would agree with you, all doors that can be used for MoE are 'on an escape route'. However providing the door in not locked when the room is occupied, I think you need to look at the chances of the door being inadvertently locked and is there written procedures to ensure this does not happen. The standard for this situation is BS EN 179: 2008.
  3. Providing the person or persons are competent, as defined in the FF(FS)O) in the fields involved.
  4. There is no answer to this problem it depends on so many parameters, check the internet on the best ways to ventilate a domestic premises.
  5. You need to provide more information, make and such
  6. You need the global fire risk assessment when you purchased the blanks which shows you how the blanks has to be modified to meet the required standards. Yes they will need lipping and intumescent strips depending the standard you are trying to achieve.
  7. If the batteries are fitted remove them then check it out. I has happened many times according to this site that the beep is emanating from elsewhere not the detector in question.
  8. Yes there should be FD30 doors and this will also meet the latest ADB, see Approved Document B (Fire Safety) Vol 1.
  9. Check out https://www.coltinfo.co.uk/files/pdf/UK/Smoke control in apartments and fire fighting shafts.pdf.
  10. It is likely to be subject to the Building Regulations therefore you should contact building control and get their advice.
  11. Check out https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-approved-document-b vol 1. as you will need Building Regulations approval.
  12. Tom Sutton

    Floor fire risk

    I see this as a construction problem not a fire risk, I have been to many fires and the floors where not affected by a fire on that floor, only if it starts on the floor below which can breach the ceiling then floor above, as this is a concrete floor the chances would be low.
  13. I would think that if the fire alarm operates they would be moving the a place of safety like everybody else and unlikely to block the door.
  14. The AOV within the protected lobby is for clearing the smoke from the lobby if that is the floor where the fire is located, the staircase will have its own ventilation. Check out Webinar Calendar (coltinfo.co.uk) they have good webinars
  15. The Responsible Person (RP) makes the final decision he/she takes the fire risk assessor's advice and decides to accept it or not. It is the RP who choses the FR accessor and should be very careful to ensure the person is satisfactory. Check out A Guide to Choosing a Competent Fire Risk Assessor. Because the FSO is based on risk assessment and is not prescriptive then there is going to be problems like this.
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