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  1. Hi Anthony, Thanks for your help with this matter. Hopefully someone on the forum can assist with my CO query. I appreciate you taking the time to help me. Kind regards Rory
  2. Dear Safelinks, I recently visited a school, within the boiler room there is a carbon monoxide detector built into the system which is installed at a low level around 900 from floor level. My understanding is (CO) is slightly lighter than air, so carbon monoxide alarms are effective when placed on the ceiling or high up on a wall. I would appreciate your advice on this point ? The other point I noted there was no fire detection in the boiler areas. In the vast majority of the school there is no fire detection , there are call points throughout the school, there are some detectors but these are domestic. There are in the region of 280 pupils and 35 staff. Look forward to your advice.
  3. Thank you your advice is much appreciated.
  4. Hello I'm looking for a bit of advice. I recently visited a school and their evacuation chair was mounted high on the wall which would make it difficult to remove if required. I realise fire extinguishers have a mounting height and was wondering if there is a recommending mounting height from finished floor level for Evac Chairs Any assistance will be gratefully received. Kind regards Rory
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