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  1. Hi all, OK so small block of flats, stay put policy, single stair, single exit. The exit door has recently been upgraded to a 'intercom' system. Residents leaving the building press a 'press to exit' button. The door fails safe if electricity goes down. No communal alarm system. My question is does this need a 'green box' manual override? Thanks,
  2. Hi guys, I have a question regarding automatic detection in a small converted 'block of flats'. It's a two storey house converted to two flats, one flat ground and one flat 1st floor. Both flats accessed from small ground floor communal hallway. Communal hallway is ground floor only. So in 'Sleeping Accommodation' it says Grade D LD2 in communal areas for small premises however in LACORS it adds to that, interlinked heat detection in flat hallways. Obviously there is the question of how much control you have of a leashold flat for example. So the question is why the difference in the two guidance and am I missing something, what is the latest accepted standards? Thanks
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