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Replacement Doors.

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I have 6 Identical large dinners; the latest building has FD30S double swing doors between the diner and kitchen the rest have FD60S.  All were built to 2007 regs. The doors are now at the end of life, can I replace them with

·         The regulatory requirement is for a FD30 door to be installed.

·         An FD60 rated door (as installed in 5 of the diners) configure as an FD30 to provide a more robust solution.

·         All double doors are to installed with

  • A back-check mechanism to stop the over extension of the hinge on opening.
  • Automatic hold-open connected to the fire alarm system with a timed release so that the doors return to the closed position when the diner is unoccupied.  

·         Door protection on both faces of the door to a height of 25mm above the height of the kitchen trollies.

·         The glazing with any associated beading shall not be installed within 25mm of the door protection.  

·         Leading edge protection shall be installed.


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