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  1. So long as there is no pressurisation present, the only statutory requirement is for head and jambs to resist the passage of cold smoke
  2. the door should resist passages smoke to a given performance standard when pressurised from one side at “ambient” temperature to limit the amount of cold smoke passing from one side to the other. The requirements specifically exclude any performs for the threshold, the key point is that ADB only requires the head and jambs to have a performance form standard in respect to cold smoke leakage. When pressurisation is being used in a building as part of the active fire safety provisions then the requirement for smokes seals on the threshold of doors is increase and it is these conditions word thre
  3. There is no requirement to fit intumescent packers on a FD30 door, however any packers fitted should be
  4. Can you put an intumescent block in the hole
  5. Under building regulations there is no leakage rate for smoke on the base of a door (head and jambs only)
  6. Building regulations are not retrospective. If the inspector has failed the door purely because it is not to the latest standards then he it wrong
  7. The addition of seals to the door is a modification to the door The door was designed and constructed to function without seals, by adding seals you have taken it away from the specification, either live with it or replace the doors. I would have thought that apart from cross corridors and stair wells there would not be many fire doors in the school
  8. Its sleeping accommodation, I was hoping there was a percentage of failures that would mean that the regulations would tell me to replace all doors instead of making an induvial case to the building owners for each door. When you look after 1500 buildings with 45000 doors you need all the short cuts you get
  9. I am currently scoping a lifecycle project to replace some defective/none conforming fire doors. At the moment I'm up to 23 (59%) of the doors failing inspection, at what point should I just call it a day and replace all the of the doors in the building. To make matters worse it is grade 2 listed.
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