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  1. We are having a bit of a discussion about the art of the possible with the defect on the door in the image what repair should be made. 1. Ignored 2. Monitored 3. Re-lipped 4. Replaced Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  2. Tom, basically its to stop you putting the final exit from one compartment next to a final exit to another compartment, they must separated by fire resisting construction 1.8m
  3. Off topic But isn’t that where Grenfell went wrong? There were no major issues with the building, just a catalogue of deficiencies that combined to create a major disaster.
  4. The fire corridor would have to be less than 12m to avoid the need for an additional FD at the midpoint. You would be constrained by the width of the new corridor as to the occupancy capacity (discounting exits BR 2019 2.21 – 2.23) Can you not utilise the exit by the men’s toilet? It could be argued that the design is purely to try and circumvent the building regs.
  5. it is possible, however you may then fall foul of the 1.8m rule for distance between for your final exits and need FD30 doors.
  6. For a new build, an FRA is not required until occupation, it should conform to BR and an FRA should reflect that. At the point of occupation, you should get the Regulation 38 information. As for an FRA personally as most issues arise from the occupants use of the flat (over loading sockets, not keeping fire exits clear etc) I would be reticent about conducting one until the flat has been occupied for 4 weeks.
  7. I think you will find your limiting factor will be the the capacity of the stairwell.
  8. If the core of the door is damaged, its time for a new one.
  9. I doubt that the doors are installed to there certificates, intumescent strips installed in the door, or frame. You cannot rebate the door for strips and then not fit them.
  10. Mike North


    Without reading the FRA, the fire doors can swing in either direction if there is less than 60 people likely to use them in the event of escape, otherwise they must swing in the direction of escape. The “based on my doors being held open” needs clarification, I take it as reading the exit width can accommodate 100 people as long as their door is not obstructed. So basically, as long as the door swings in the direction of escape you can have 100 people exiting through the door, if the doors swing in against the direction of escape, then you are limited to 60. You still need to discount your largest exit
  11. The door sounds like it should be FD30S, as long as the door and glazing conforms to the standard then yes.
  12. I think the pertinent bit is where the fire detection system is restricted to the escape route, I do not think that you will get BC sign off if there is no detection in the kitchens
  13. I would keep the sign in/out for visitors and any lone workers. For everyone else, they should be responsible enough to inform someone when they leave site
  14. Have a look at inner rooms BR 2019 para 2.11, it may bring the cost down.
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