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Fire Door Verification

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My question here is not related to the condition of existing fire doors, its related to the verification of existing doors within a building.

I work with schools a lot and they have a habit of placing Fire Door signs on every door in the school and as such a lot of them are not or never have been acting as fire doors and as such not all the doors carrying signage need to be maintained.

I have approached a few FRA companies, who seem to shy away from specifics stating, they are there to assess risk only and don't want to de classify fire doors on a site.

My two questions are;

  • Is there a specific company that I can use based in the SE of the UK to undertake this work
  • Are there any certificated training courses covering this, also training for issue of a compartmentation plan or drawing

The course I have looked up seem to be building and construction based.

Thank you



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They are pretty rubbish fire risk assessors if they can't determine which doors need to be fire doors to protect escapes, maintain compartments and enclose high risk areas! South East is out of my personal area, but as a company we do cover the whole UK

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There is a company that specialise in providing fire door inspectors it is the  Fire Door Inspection service and there is a number of companies providing training just surf for "Fire Door inspections training" good luck in finding what you want. Also check out www.firedoorscomplete.co.uk it is the parent company for FDIS.

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