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  1. My mother in Law lives on her own wears hearing aids during the day and obviously removes them when going to bed. I realise there is a wealth of domestic detectors on the market, but is there one that works through an App, so if it activates it will send a message to out to our mobile phones, so we can be aware? I just can't be sure she is going to hear anything with a stand alone device Cheers
  2. I would like some guidance with regard volume and allocation of Fire Doors on site. I have numerous sites where the office based maintenance team in the past have been very liberal with the use of fire door signage and as such almost every door has a FD sign on it. As I try to educate the site team on the importance of maintaining these assets, the realisation is that only a percentage of these doors should be acting as actual fire doors. I have an understanding of the doors leading onto fire escape routes, kitchens etc, but further to looking in BS9999, I am still struggling to understand the logic behind dead end situations and one route means of escape. I need to be able to able to work out what is an actual fire door on site and what has just been badged up historically. Is there something out that defines this clearly? Cheers
  3. My question here is not related to the condition of existing fire doors, its related to the verification of existing doors within a building. I work with schools a lot and they have a habit of placing Fire Door signs on every door in the school and as such a lot of them are not or never have been acting as fire doors and as such not all the doors carrying signage need to be maintained. I have approached a few FRA companies, who seem to shy away from specifics stating, they are there to assess risk only and don't want to de classify fire doors on a site. My two questions are; Is there a specific company that I can use based in the SE of the UK to undertake this work Are there any certificated training courses covering this, also training for issue of a compartmentation plan or drawing The course I have looked up seem to be building and construction based. Thank you
  4. Could someone please clarify when a Fire Risk Assessment is a requirement with regard to small commercial premises, mainly high street shops. I am aware of the 5 employees or more rule, but does this change if the business, for example Has a gas supply? Is cooking hot food and has say 30 paying customers? If the premises is on the ground floor level only? If some have a sub basement, often used to store a variety of goods? If the premises does not have a fire alarm system fitted. Thank you
  5. By signage I was referring to 'Fire Door Keep Locked Shut' signs. The FRA which the client has had completed, doesn't refer to each individual door
  6. Morning Could someone please confirm if existing store room doors require just signage, or should they be compliant with regard gaps, strips, seals and closers as per the main fire doors. Thank you
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