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Guest VickyDav

Can we leave fire exit door open?

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Guest Marky R

I work at a food manufacturing company consisting of industrial cooking baking equipment.

Along one external wall we have several porches with a fire exit doors on the outside, and a screened ventilated metal door on the inside.

My question is during hot weather conditions, can we leave the external door open?

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Guest Michael

Commercial government office building owned and operated by the GSA, fire screen door accessing stairs that go vertical from the 5th floor to the 1st floor. Can the door be propped open by any means if there is a properly trained person in close proximity standing watch while working that would close it in the event of a fire? Is there a provision for this? When the door has mechanical issues the maintenance guy has to prop it open between trips to get supplies or tools, granted for short periods. Like when the handle fell off and access to the stairs would have been impossible.

Thank you in advance

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I am not sure what you mean by fire screen door, I assume it is a FD30/60 fire door to the staircase enclosure.

There is no provision for this situation, in fire safety there are no black and white answers, like most things in fire safety it is all about risk assessment and if it is essential that a fire door has to be propped open, you have to make the situation as fire safe as possible. If you are happy to defend your solution with common sense and the occupants will/should be safe in a fire situation then go with it.

Without having a full and intimate knowledge of the situation I cannot give a definitive answer also it is up to you to defend it if things go pear shaped.

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