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  1. Hi Pete, what alarm model do you have? If not sure, can you please send a photo? Harry
  2. With it getting colder at night your backup battery is probably running low giving you a low battery warning. Or your alarm is getting too old (more than 10 years). Step 1: check the age of the alarm. You can find the date on the side or back of your smoke alarm. If it's older than 10 year, you need to replace. Step 2: make sure the backup battery has enough power left Step 3: if none of the above, vacuum the alarm thoroughly to get rid of spider webs etc Step 4: if the above has not helped replace the alarm Harry
  3. Hi, I would guess that it was triggered by the steam from the bath. Most CO or smoke alarms do not work reliably in a bathroom due to the high moisture. Still, worth checking the appliances just to be sure. Harry
  4. Hi Please check replace-by date on the CO alarm to make sure it is not just getting faulty. With both fire alarm and CO alarm in the unit going off, it is unlikely to be a CO leak. However, should the alarm still be in date and the batteries in working condition then you might have to look further into your fuel burning appliances. Harry
  5. Dear Sir/Madam Two possibilities: 1) your power supply does not reach the alarm unit (wrong or interrupted wiring). You can exclude this possibility by switching heads with one of the other units. If the replacement unit also beeps there is a power supply issue. 2) if there is a technical fault the alarm needs replacing. Please contact your seller for an exchange under warranty. Harry
  6. Hi Toni You need a free-swing fire door closer. For example the Fireco Freedor fire door closer and retainer allows the door being used like any normal door but will trigger an integral door closer when a fire breaks out. Harry
  7. Hi, smoke alarms should be replaced every ten years, as beyond that the sensors start to deteriorate. So you were lucky so far. Harry
  8. Hi Sean, these extinguishers have been tested with 35,000 Volt and have to be safe up to this level of voltage. The difference from 35,000 to 1,000 Volt is safety margin to cover the manufacturers against any claims. Harry
  9. Hopefully it is just the screed. It is known to trigger CO alarms. Harry
  10. Hi A technical solution would be to install what is called a 'Free-swing door closer' . These allow a fire door to open and close without any resistance from a normal door closer, however, should there be a fire, the door closer function is activated and the door closes, protecting you from fire in corridors etc. Harry
  11. Hi Tim Our fire door frames are 32mm thick, which is about half an inch thicker than a normal non-fire door frame, so you can expect to lose about one inch in the width of the door leaf. I can only speak about our fire doors, but our glazed fire doors would not work with your proposed sliding mechanism as the wooden edging around the glass protrudes (see image) and would catch. Harry
  12. Hi Pammie, the most likely culprit is a CO alarm with a low battery sitting on a shelve or in a drawer. Neither the cabling nor the base of an EI141 will be able to beep. Harry
  13. Hi, it is definitely not the plate that beeps, as the plate has no sounder. It will be a CO alarm with low battery hidden away in the room somewhere. Harry
  14. Hi Tim, yes, bespoke fire doors with glazing and matching fire door frames can easily be ordered. You need to measure the structural opening (take off architrave first) and then use the configurator to select the finer details of the fire door, such as wood veneer, glazing ect. Harry
  15. Hi Relly The CO9B has a seven year life, so I am afraid your CO alarm will need replacing. Harry
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