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  1. Thank you AnthonyB - much appreciated. I have just spoken to Building Control and they definitely want to inspect - appears the external stair was added circa 1960's due to alterations made within the 9x flats which have access to the external stair (travel distances extended by the looks of things). Thank you so much - glad we asked before the landlord went ahead and started dismantling the stairway!
  2. Please can we ask for some steer on a subject relating to a block of flats we manage - we dont expect anyone to comment on the FRA's judgement, just whether or not you think Building Control should be involved in the final decision... Sorry if there is too much info here, but the situation we have is... 19 privately owned and occupied flats in a building which is ground floor + 7 upper floors and 1 basement. In addition, a roof space room houses water tanks and lift motor equipment. Single internal stairway - protected by FD30s doors at each level. Simultaneous evacuatio
  3. Hi all, Quick question - old pub (built 1600's). Timber floors throughout. L1 alarm system was installed in 2010 as compensation for uncertainty on building materials / levels of fire resistance. Separate sleeping accommodation above pub (private flats with own independent entry / exit). Question is, would you expect the basement / beer cellar ceiling to be compartmented?? They have a fire door on ground floor to the cellar, but when you get down in the cellar, the ceiling is riddled with holes to allow pipes and cables to travel up... There is no formal fire strategy which
  4. Hi AnthonyB - yes, that sounds a lot more "adjacent" than the 4-5m! 🙂 thanks again for your help.
  5. Well...the MCP in question is approx. 4-5m distance from the emergency exit door....the occupants would have to veer away from the escape route / exit slightly to reach it (thats if they remember its there). My thinking was that it should roughly be arms length (I know everyone's arms are different length so was using 1.5m max distance as a guide) so they could hit it as they escaped?
  6. Meady


    Thank you guys for your honest opinions - really appreciated.
  7. When installing a new Fire Alarm system to BS5839-1, what is the maximum distance allowed between the exit door and the MCP? I have looked at BS5839-1 but cannot find anywhere that states a specific distance (only heights from floor)?
  8. Please can someone give us a steer on the legalities of this one...? A block of flats - some of the flats are owner occupied and some are rented. Communal area falls under Landlord jurisdiction. What are the legal responsibilities for smoke alarms in the flats? Are we correct in thinking a) smoke alarms must be installed in the rented flats, and b) there is no legal requirement for the people living in the owner occupied flats to have any smoke alarms at all (it is their choice)? Any help much appreciated.
  9. Meady


    A very quick question - what are peoples thoughts / experiences on P50's being installed in buildings??? Have had two very different views provided to me this week - one for (guy made it sound like everyone needs a P50 in their life they are so good!) and one strongly against (due to not meeting BS5306)... Both parties sell their respective extinguishers so I don't want to be swayed by the sales talk and would really appreciate peoples honest opinions...good and bad! 🙂
  10. Yes, apologies for incorrect terminology. I meant that 2 detectors need to detect the smoke. The problem we have with the investigation period is that for periods of the day, there is no reception or security staff. So the worry is, if the fire alarm for the building activates, and it is discovered that the cause is from an unoccupied floor level, who is the one to investigate?? The tenants are each made to have their own Fire Wardens to check their respective floor areas, and this includes the communal parts on their floors such as toilets. But we have 2 floors completely empty
  11. We manage an office block of 6 floors - some of the floor levels are unoccupied due to COVID. Building strategy is full / simultaneous evacuation (approx. 300 people). At present, the fire alarm is a single knock system - would it be acceptable (subject to risk assessment) to change the system, or just the system on unoccupied floors, to a double-knock style? We are worried that faulty detectors in unoccupied levels may result in the whole building evacuating unnecessarily. The idea is that if a double knock system is introduced, if the alarm panel shows a detection in unoccupied
  12. Hi AnthonyB, thank you very much as always. That's really helpful with our discussions with the client.
  13. Hi, we have a quick question regarding a new restaurant we are managing for a client. fairly small with each floor level approximately 250-300sqm. Ground and basement only. Mixed purpose groups above (offices and some flats higher up). Kitchen is at rear of ground floor. Client wants open servery. Basement is served with single stairway only. Once at the top of stairs, customers have to head towards front entrance / exit doorway which leads to high street. Distance from top of stairway and the wall / door / servery to kitchen will be approximately 3-4m. Looking at L2 f
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