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  1. It is certainly worth to get a second reading from a different CO alarm. The Fireangel CO9D will give you an actual reading and will record peak levels, so if there is an intermittent leak this will identify this. Harry
  2. If the fire door does not close due to the resistance of the latch/air pressure you need a fire door closer with "latching action". The Geze TS4000 for example has the latching action as well as plenty of power to close even heavier doors reliably. However, there are many other makes and models as well. Harry
  3. Hi Graham Yes, fresh screed seems to have an impact on CO alarms. This is something I only picked up quite recently. Harry
  4. Hi Jennie The Ei141 smoke alarms are interconnected, which explains why this error signal will have triggered both alarms. Once the alarms are older than ten years, the alarms become a bit fragile and prone to go off. I am glad you found the replacement units and that the problem is now resolved for you. Harry
  5. Hi, I am puzzled, as the combined smoke and CO detector from Kidde is free-standing and not connected! Which would make me think that you have a carbon monoxide problem at your house. Is the link showing teh correct alarm? Harry
  6. Hi Emma, Safelincs itself offers fire doors made to measure for existing apertures. You can also select panelled fire door leaves to match existing older doors. Harry
  7. Safelincs

    beeping smoke alarm

    Hi John Please make sure there is no other alarm in the vicinity. It would be unusual for the alarm to beep every 5 minutes. It is only beeping every 40 seconds when eg the battery is low, so there is probably a different alarm with low battery nearby. Maybe a carbon monoxide alarm. Harry
  8. Safelincs

    Firex smoke alarm replacement

    Hi John see https://www.safelincs.co.uk/replacement-smoke-alarms/ the 14th product down. The KF10 smoke alarm replaces the PAR230C Harry
  9. Safelincs

    beeping smoke alarm

    Hi, I am afraid, the only way to stop the low battery warning is to replace the batteries. For this the alarm's head needs to be twisted off the base to get to the battery. Harry
  10. Safelincs

    CO dector went off then stopped

    Hi If this carbon monoxide alarm is a Fireangel CO9D alarm with digital display, it records peak carbon monoxide (also shortened to 'CO') levels which can be queried by pressing the Test button. It displays the highest recording and then resets itself. Your alarm is telling you that it recorded 227ppm which is high. I would avoid using the gas dryer until you have found out whether it is leaking any CO gas into the building. Harry
  11. Hi Daniel A distressing situation! I am glad for you that no serious damage was caused. One solution are anti-arson letterboxes which will safely hold burning materials and liquids coming through the letterbox. These are made from non-flammable materials and some of them have integrated extinguishers to extinguish the fire. Kind Regards Harry
  12. Safelincs

    beeping smoke alarm

    Hi Andy Do you know the model or can you send a photo, please, and I will try to help. Harry
  13. Hi Rob, how old are the units, please? What does the sticker on the say re replacement date? Harry
  14. Safelincs

    Fire alarm went off

    Hi Elisa I assume this is in a domestic property. I would expect either the alarms being too old (please check the replacement date on them) or there being a tiny spider or a bit of dust in the alarm. It helps sometimes to use the vacuum around the openings of the alarm to resolve this. If you let me know the model of the alarm or send a photo via this platform I might be able to help better. Harry
  15. Hi, Maybe it was a short term spike. If it was a Fireangel digital CO alarm you can get a peak reading by pressing the test/mode button. This should hopefully also show zero. Certain chemicals can also set off a CO alarm (new floor screed, vented car/boat batteries being charged etc). Check the replacement date as well to make sure the alarm is not overdue for replacement. What model alarm do you have? Harry