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  1. Hi Cate, what model numbers are the other units, please?
  2. The foot operated door openers sold by Safelincs have flange headed wood screws of 30mm length to avoid penetrating a fire door. With a 5mm diameter they are quite stubby to achieve the hold required. Harry
  3. Hi, Safelincs offers a free and downloadable FRA Harry
  4. Hi Ed, I leave the discussion about the legal aspect to others, however, we provided fold out fire escape ladders to customers with mezzanine floors (including Heathrow baggage handling) and that seemed to satisfy their fire risk assessments. These are usually combined with swing gates etc to prevent the risk of falling. These escape ladders are available with harnesses as well. Harry
  5. Hi Homebody, would you know what alarm model this is? Mabe you can send a photo? Harry
  6. Safelincs


    Hi Mark, assuming this is the standard base plate of the Ei series, there is no sounder in the base plate. So the sound is likely to come from a CO alarm with a dying battery in the vicinity. Maybe in a drawr or similar. It is very difficult to spot the source of an occasional beep. Harry
  7. The Nest smoke alarms, while not cheap, offer that capability. It sends a message to your mobile. Harry
  8. Hi Lauren, it is difficult to work out what caused this. You should definitely report the issue to your landlord. Imagine the next tenant would become ill and you could have prevented it. Harry
  9. Safelincs


    Hi, could it be that the alarms are older than 10 years? In which case they might require replacing. Harry
  10. While Ionisation alarms on landings give you a minute speed advantage in detecting finer traces of fires, there is no issue with using optical alarms on both hallway and landing. Ionisation alarms are being phased out, as they contain radio-active components. Harry
  11. Yes, we have heard this numerous times. The process of laying screed seems to generate a gas that triggers CO (carbon monoxide) alarms. That does not necessarily mean that it actually is CO, as some other gases can affect CO alarms (eg hydrogen from re-charging lead acid batteries). Airing the building til the floor is fully dry and cured should hopefully resolve the issue. I don't think you have reason to withhold payment. The screed company has not done anything wrong. Harry
  12. Hi, Usually the alarm will reset by itself. Harry
  13. Hi Bob There are specific 60 minute intumescent plastic packers for fire door gaps available. Harry
  14. Hi William, yes, all you need are radio-interlinked smoke alarms. If one detects fire, all go off. These are usually used in large domestic buildings, however, your situation is well served with these. Harry
  15. Hi here is a helpguide for anybody experiencing problems with Aico/Ei alarms Can you please send a photo of the red light on the side? Is it a setup using an RF base? KHarry
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