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  1. Hi Suzanne, with the strong winds it is possible that the log burner was leaking CO into your rooms, triggering the carbon monoxide alarm. Firing up an engine in the next room can also create sufficient CO levels to set off the alarm. Harry
  2. Ei141 still beeps after battery replacement

    Hi Sarah With the green light off, it is likely that the power supply is interrupted. Have you put the fuse back on after replacing the battery? If yes, you will need to get an electrician out to check the power supply. Harry
  3. Rubber ferrule for door retainers

    Hi Perky The materiel does not need to be fire retardant. To pass the fire proofing tests, you must put a complete product on a door. If that door passes the test, it's proof that the product does not compromise the composition of the fire door. The Dorgard had all these test successfully carried out. Harry
  4. Curtains with hole burned

    Hi Liz It sounds as if the fire retardancy of the curtain material worked well, as no fire was sustained. I would focus on the snow globe which caused a fire risk Harry
  5. Hi Squeakabel Why don't you simply replace the heads for the Ei141 and Ei144? These are available as easichange kits and are easy to replace by yourself. Harry
  6. Hi Keith, the plates cannot be the cause, as they have no sounder and have not changed. My hunch is that you have a CO alarm or some other device nearby, maybe even an old hidden alarm clock. Harry
  7. Upgrading Ei151

    Hi Nathan The two blue wires were the following: -neutral -battery The two blue wires are joined together and form the neutral. Harry
  8. Wiring update Ei151 to Ei161

    Hi Nathan The two blue were the following: -neutral -battery The two blue wires are joined together and become the neutral. Harry
  9. Trimming of fire doors

    Hi Stanto, modern fire doors have very little trim allowance due to the way their core is designed with hollowed out-areas to reduce weight and cost. As a result, these standard replacement fire doors might be unsuitable. You may need to order fire doors made-to-measure, which adds costs but ensures that you are covered should there be a fire. Safelincs, for example, offers a simple online fire door configurator which allows for fire doors as well as frames to be ordered for your specific dimensions. Harry
  10. Hi Angie If there is more than one CO alarm going off at the same time, it is probably safe to assume that there was indeed carbon monoxide present and possibly at a dangerous level. You need to consider leaving the building til the source of the carbon monoxide has been identified as from your description there is a real risk to your health. Depending from the potential source of the CO gas you need to ring one of the numbers shown on https://www.carbonmonoxideinfo.co.uk/what-is-carbon-monoxide/ so that an engineer can check the source of the gas. Harry
  11. Ei141 still beeps after battery replacement

    Hi Glenda, is the green light on all the time?
  12. smoke alarm going off for no reason

    Hi, as long as there is no fire this would indicate a technical problem. If the alarms are less than 10 years old you might still be covered by warranty, if they are older they need replacing. Harry
  13. Hi Eddie You might find this article about upgrading to fire doors helpful Harry
  14. Hi Adam I guess you meant Safelincs. I wish we could help with this but sorry we can't. A great product idea, though. Harry
  15. Hi John The lack of the green light means that there is no power to the unit. Check that the fuse is back on. If it is then you need the electrician to sort out your wiring. The alarm might have been fitted to the part of the lighting system that is switched. Harry