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  1. Hi Janie I have not heard of screed setting off CO alarms, however, I am aware of one chemical that can set CO alarms off. The hydrogen generated when eg car batteries are charged reacts with the sensor in the same way as carbon monoxide does. Please keep in mind that CO also can come from your neighbours (if they have a vent on the outside, or from a shared roof space) and from the road if you are living next to a very busy road. Harry
  2. Trying to find old alarm model

    Hi Mick, please send a photo of your alarm and we will try to help. You can also find images of old smoke alarms and their replacement models on https://www.safelincs.co.uk/replacement-smoke-alarms/ Harry
  3. Hi Josie, these are called non-maintained lights that only come on when the power is failing or switched off. Please see the following article about emergency lighting. Harry
  4. Hi Garry This depends from whether you have 1 hr fire separation between the different tenants/owners. If not, I would keep the building-wide system in the short term, however, as the building starts to evolve & 1 hour fire separation is established between occupants, there would be a benefit to each unit having their own stand alone system. The result of this would be clear ownership and responsibility between the occupants in relation to fire arrangements & less headaches for you as the landlord due to false activations. Harry
  5. Hi Anna, you could try a thermoptek (or thermally enhanced) smoke alarm that has both a smoke alarm and a heat alarm integrated. If smoke without heat is detected, the alarm will be less sensitive to the smoke. If the smoke continues it will of course still alarm. Harry
  6. Dorgard devises

    Hi Lee The standard version of the Dorgard should not be used between corridors and staircases but is acceptable between rooms and corridors. The Dorgard goes into a failsafe mode if the battery is low and cannot be set again til the battery is replaced, so no risk there. There is now the Dorgard Pro which allows direct link to fire alarm system as well. Harry
  7. Hi Martin, yes it is, just email service@safelincs.co.uk Harry
  8. Hi Darren, As long as the base plate is in good condition and your wiring is sound you can just buy the replacement head. Harry
  9. Ei141 still beeps after battery replacement

    Hi Darren, It sounds like a wiring Issue. If you switch the mains supply off it will probably stop flashing. You will need to check the interlink cable. Harry
  10. Battery life warranty

    Hi Simon, not sure which suppliers you are referring to. Safelincs, for example, offers free extended 5 year warranty for non-maintained emergency lights. We also do not offer battery warranty for 5 years. We see this similar to smoke alarms, where the manufacturers offer eg a ten year warranty, even though the normal alkaline batteries have to be replace every year or two. Harry
  11. Setting up as fire protection company

    Hi Protect Safelincs would be happy to support you both with trade extinguishers but also the extinguisher servicing tools you might need. The extinguisher servicing equipment is sold by our daughter company Actfire. Trade prices for extinguishers are dealt with by Sarah at sarah@safelincs.co.uk The Ultrafire water mist extinguishers are kitemarked and suitable for various classes of fire (A, B, C and F). However, there are limitations as for everything. For industrial kitchens with deep fat fryers you still need wet chemical extinguishers and for server rooms I would still recommend CO2 extinguishers. While the water mist extinguishers have a broad application, their fire fighting capability is lower than those of powder and foam extinguishers. While this does not really matter in offices, schools, housing etc, I would still recommend powder and foams for larger industrial applications. Any questions, please let us know Harry
  12. Ei141 still beeps after battery replacement

    Hi Mark These tools come free with every easichange smoke alarm purchased. You can also use a small flat blade screw driver. Harry
  13. Hi, what model of alarm do you have? I will try to find out more for you. Harry
  14. Email received and gap gauges sent :-)
  15. Hi GazMart As fire doors have to be fitted with very small tolerances (gaps have to be 2-4mm on top and sides) working in half inches makes it difficult to answer your question. Anyway, the amount that can be trimmed on modern fire doors is sadly very limited, as the lipping (the wood strip fitted around the door) is an essential part of the fire door during fire testing. Each door set type that a manufacturer produces and has tested, has gradually some of the lipping trimmed during repeated fire tests til the fire door eventually fails. This determines how much lipping can be trimmed safely. So, each fire door comes with a different permitted maximum amount of lipping removal and it is only small amounts that can be trimmed these days without risking invalidating a fire door. Where does this leave you? Assuming that the frame is of sufficient fire resistance in itself, you need to measure the opening of the frame, deduct 3mm on each side which gives you the door leave you want and order that size of fire door. This can be done easily online. Fire door retailers are set up to deal with made-to-measure fire doors, which are then ready to be hung with minimal trimming. Harry