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  1. You can of course take both alarms off and re-use the wiring for a different brand at a better price. There are a number of suitable suppliers. If you just want to replace there are Ei166 replacement models.
  2. Hi Maureen, the St620 has not been in production for a while and your smoke alarm is probably 10 years old by now, which means it needs replacing. There is a replacement smoke alarm for the St620 that fits the same base so you can just take the old alarm off and twist the new alarm on. Harry
  3. Hi Bob This will be a smoke alarm with sealed lifetime battery. You cannot replace these and will sadly need to replace the alarm. Harry
  4. Hi Michelle The trend is to move away from powder extinguishers indoors (although I have heard that there is an attempt to re-introduce them for some indoors applications in the standards), as the powder can be inhaled, reduces visibility and makes a mess. However, powder extinguishers don't have to be replaced before the end of their serviceable life. When it eventually comes to replacement it depends what your rooms contain. CO2 extinguishers have only a very narrow application and not great for general fire fighting, so if you have an office or retail application you would be better of
  5. Hi Nicola, they can still be requestyed at service@safelincs.co.uk Harry
  6. Hi Julia Powder works well in that scenario but will cause issues with the clean up. A water mist extinguisher with de-ionised water will work well for the mixed risks (three-phase electric, wood, fabrics) and is residue-free. Harry
  7. Hi Michael, if collateral damage is key then water mist is the best bet. While powder is still the most commonly used extinguisher for engines, the water mist will deal with the flames and cool down hot surfaces that could re-ignite the fuel. However, 1.4ltr seems insufficient. I would go for two small units (assuming it's a small engine). They are easier to handle and store. Harry
  8. Hi Susan, If it is not the battery or other devices in the room it might be that the alarms are contaminated by dust (eg if they are the optical version) or simply faulty. Next step should be to check whether the alarms are still under warranty and to contact the manufacturer. If all else fails the affected alarms need replacing. There are Deta replacement smoke alarms available. There are manufactured by the OEM. Harry
  9. Hi, you can purchase fire door gap gauges at Safelincs Harry
  10. Hi Cate, what model numbers are the other units, please?
  11. The foot operated door openers sold by Safelincs have flange headed wood screws of 30mm length to avoid penetrating a fire door. With a 5mm diameter they are quite stubby to achieve the hold required. Harry
  12. Hi, Safelincs offers a free and downloadable FRA Harry
  13. Hi Ed, I leave the discussion about the legal aspect to others, however, we provided fold out fire escape ladders to customers with mezzanine floors (including Heathrow baggage handling) and that seemed to satisfy their fire risk assessments. These are usually combined with swing gates etc to prevent the risk of falling. These escape ladders are available with harnesses as well. Harry
  14. Hi Homebody, would you know what alarm model this is? Mabe you can send a photo? Harry
  15. Safelincs


    Hi Mark, assuming this is the standard base plate of the Ei series, there is no sounder in the base plate. So the sound is likely to come from a CO alarm with a dying battery in the vicinity. Maybe in a drawr or similar. It is very difficult to spot the source of an occasional beep. Harry
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