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  1. Safelincs

    Ei141 still beeps after battery replacement

    Hi, I assume you used the new batteries that come with the alarms. If it was the optical version of the alarm try to vacuum out the chamber in case any dust from your dusting action got into the alarm. Once done, if you still get alarms you might have to claim on the warranty of the product and ask for replacements. Harry
  2. Safelincs

    Ei144 wont stop beeping!

    Hi, it is definitely not the alarm :-) You need to hunt for hidden carbon monoxide alarms in the vicinity. One of those will be in a drawer with a low battery warning. Harry
  3. Safelincs

    CO alarm in loft

    Hi It is worth keeping in mind that a CO alarm in the loft might not be heard downstairs. My family had a brush with CO from a leaky chimney stack in the loft area. The first we knew was when a CO alarm in one of the kids bedrooms on the top floor was warning us about CO. The gas had made its way through the loft hatch. The best solution would be to have CO alarms both in the loft as well as below. Harry
  4. Safelincs

    Fire doors in single occupancy house

    Hi Frederick I am sure Neil Ashdown from FDIS can give a much more specific answer, you might be interested in this read about nominal fire doors (upgraded doors) Harry
  5. Hi Bob Firstly, I would agree that the nozzle is the most important part of a water mist extinguisher. To protect against theft is difficult. There are the extinguisher theft stoppers that sound an alarm if someone is trying to take away the extinguisher but I am not sure if this would sound off if they just take the nozzle off. Some of these theft stoppers can be used with a reed switch sat underneath the extinguisher which will trigger an alarm even with slight movements. There are also fire extinguisher covers but these are generally used for larger extinguishers, only. Extinguisher cabinets are generally larger and not suited for 1ltr extinguishers. However, Henry Wolfe offers a stainless steel cabinet for 1 and 2 ltr/kg extinguishers, which could be fitted with a theft stopper and an extinguisher sign. We will discuss this issue with manufacturing. We may be able produce some sort of locking device on the UltraFire water mist range but this might require a modified design or perhaps some kind of glue. However, glue is problematic as you might have to check the nozzle at servicing. Harry
  6. Safelincs

    Ei141 beeping

    Hi Kevin With the green light off, your power supply to the unit is off and the battery is being drained. Check that the fuse has not been switched off. If that does not resolve things you will need to get an electrician out to check your wiring and connections. Harry
  7. Hi, have you checked that the alarm is still within date? Depending from model and manufacturer CO alarms last 5 to 10 years. If you feel you cannot call out an engineer to check things over, you could get a second battery-powered CO alarm to verify the first result. Alternatively, you could buy a CO gas test spray to make sure your alarm is working. Harry
  8. Hi Suzanne, with the strong winds it is possible that the log burner was leaking CO into your rooms, triggering the carbon monoxide alarm. Firing up an engine in the next room can also create sufficient CO levels to set off the alarm. Harry
  9. Safelincs

    Ei141 still beeps after battery replacement

    Hi Sarah With the green light off, it is likely that the power supply is interrupted. Have you put the fuse back on after replacing the battery? If yes, you will need to get an electrician out to check the power supply. Harry
  10. Safelincs

    Rubber ferrule for door retainers

    Hi Perky The materiel does not need to be fire retardant. To pass the fire proofing tests, you must put a complete product on a door. If that door passes the test, it's proof that the product does not compromise the composition of the fire door. The Dorgard had all these test successfully carried out. Harry
  11. Safelincs

    Curtains with hole burned

    Hi Liz It sounds as if the fire retardancy of the curtain material worked well, as no fire was sustained. I would focus on the snow globe which caused a fire risk Harry
  12. Hi Squeakabel Why don't you simply replace the heads for the Ei141 and Ei144? These are available as easichange kits and are easy to replace by yourself. Harry
  13. Hi Keith, the plates cannot be the cause, as they have no sounder and have not changed. My hunch is that you have a CO alarm or some other device nearby, maybe even an old hidden alarm clock. Harry
  14. Safelincs

    Upgrading Ei151

    Hi Nathan The two blue wires were the following: -neutral -battery The two blue wires are joined together and form the neutral. Harry
  15. Safelincs

    Wiring update Ei151 to Ei161

    Hi Nathan The two blue were the following: -neutral -battery The two blue wires are joined together and become the neutral. Harry