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  1. I am looking for a basic FRA template for a office space , alot of the templates have vast amounts of information. Does anybody have a link to a good office FRA template please ?
  2. Thanks Anthony ! with the current covid situation and staff returning to work in small numbers i think some businesses are over looking general day to day compliance's ! Thanks again
  3. With the drip feed of staff returning to the work place , what happens if there are a smaller amount of staff back to work but within those staff there are no Fire Wardens/ Marshalls ?? I appreciate it will be in a revised FRA but what are your thoughts for this situation ?
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    1 room with a door on the left and on the right , 1 leads to a protected stairwell 1 an unprotected mezz floor , should there be Exit signs above both doors in the room ?
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    I understand that the sounder need to be a certain level at bed head but does the fire alarm need to be at a certain db outside of a building ? Many thanks
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