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Guest dorothperk

How do I know if my CO alarm went off because of Carbon Monoxide?

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Guest mamagee
On 23/11/2017 at 23:21, Guest Janiebsmith said:

We've just had an extension built and they came to do the floor screed today. Our CO detector went off late afternoon and my husband called British Gas who have since been and disconnected the gas supply, however, the detector has gone off again. A friend of a friend had the same experience when their floor screed went down - has any one else heard of this happening?

Just happened to us. Had floor screed laid this morning and CO detector going off intermittently this afternoon. We have all doors and windows open. Have been googling to see if this is normal and came across your question so thought I would reply, though I do not see any other answers that suggest this could happen. We are not on a main road and no traffic nearby. Wondering if it’s just chemicals being released by the fast drying screed which is tricking the monitor. 

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Guest Mamagee

It went off again during the night. It’s located downstairs in the room that has had extension. We had living room door shut and alarm was blaring continuously waking us up. Brought it upstairs into our bedroom and shut the door. It has not gone off again. Think it’s definitely to do with the floor screed but not sure how. It is a plug in alarm. 

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Guest Molliepopcorn

Hi can anyone help please

around 3am this morning our co2 alarm went off my husband went downstairs and as soon as he turned the kitchen light on it stopped? 

Its a digital screen which showed a 0 on it and we all felt fine just seems strange??? 


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Maybe it was a short term spike. If it was a Fireangel digital CO alarm you can get a peak reading by pressing the test/mode button. This should hopefully also show zero.

Certain chemicals can also set off a CO alarm (new floor screed, vented car/boat batteries being charged etc).

Check the replacement date as well to make sure the alarm is not overdue for replacement.

What model alarm do you have?




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