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Q key Dry riser keys

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This topic interests me. In my experience the best locking mechanism for riser boxes is the budget lock. From a fire service perspective (and in the absence of a 'master key') the budget lock allows any fire station to respond to any premises and access the firefighting riser. It is not particularly resilient to supply the nearest two stations with keys. They may all be out at incidents. Despite not being with the fire service any longer, it still irks me that riser boxes are supplied with Yale type keys on nearly every occasion.

Is the Q key system adopted by the riser box manufacturers and installers? It could be that I am missing a trick and that all riser boxes are 'keyed alike'.

I'd be grateful to hear if anyone has further information on the matter.

Thank you

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Guest Martin Fire and Light


Does anyone know where i can get the queen keys as none of the cabinet manufacturers have a clue ??


Martin 07970165433


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I googled, and as far as I can find they are no longer installed, instead locks that the fire brigade may need access to use one of 6 keys, the set is called a "fire Brigade set"

"Set of six Fire Brigade keys. Used by emergency services, councils and other authorised bodies. Comprising FB1, FB2 & FB4 for mortice deadlock and rim lock keys and FB1/FB5, FB11 & FB14 pipe keys for Fire Brigade padlocks."

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The FB range consists of only mortice and padlock keys and a drop key - that sellers description is misleading as it's not for the 'Yale' style of Spring cylinder lock used in most dry risers, but a rim lock taking a mortice style key.

Best bet is asking whoever tests your dry riser as they will need the keys to do so, last resort is a lock smith 

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