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  1. It's all too common for this to be the case. However it is not the preferred signage for a door which is there for everyone's safety. If there is an overriding and critical operational need to restrict access to customers then you should investigate some form of access control that fails safe when the fire alarm activates and is backed up by a manual override. Subliminal messages from Staff Only signage should not be underestimated. It's difficult enough to get people to use the nearest available exit as opposed to the one they came in.
  2. A Colin S. Todd, A Comprehensive Guide to Fire Safety. BSI Of course the book cannot be used isolation. The process of fire risk assessment can be broad and complex, however it is a very good starting and reference point. Good luck
  3. This subject is very topical in my workplace. Essentially if you afford someone access to your premises, you have a duty to consider their egress. In my opinion, the assessor is being too specific and is verging onto territory that is the preserve of the building managers. However, if there are people above the ground floor that have impaired mobility, and you have facilitated their access, you should also take reasonable measures to ensure that they are safe in the event of a fire or other emergency that would require a full evacuation. Just my observations, but I hope you reach a successful
  4. This topic interests me. In my experience the best locking mechanism for riser boxes is the budget lock. From a fire service perspective (and in the absence of a 'master key') the budget lock allows any fire station to respond to any premises and access the firefighting riser. It is not particularly resilient to supply the nearest two stations with keys. They may all be out at incidents. Despite not being with the fire service any longer, it still irks me that riser boxes are supplied with Yale type keys on nearly every occasion. Is the Q key system adopted by the riser box manufacturers
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