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  1. Hi, I have been advised by our fire risk assessor to provide evacuation chairs at out stair landings. At present, we do not have any persons who will need to use these chairs and are able to evacuate safely on their own. We have procedures in place for staff and students in the event they cannot evacuate i.e. injury, pregnant, etc, which are assessor is happy with. However, their concern is for when visitors are in our building. We have three floors and lifts are available for persons to reach the upper floors. Evacuation chairs are expensive and we have not budgeted for these chairs and will not be able to assign money until the new tax year. Our assessor will not provide any alternative advice and is insistent we provide these chairs in the event they are needed. Can anyone provide any alternative solutions?
  2. Hi, I am a Business Manager at a school and I have a responsibility to manage health and safety and fire. I have been speaking to the headteacher about reviewing the fire management policy. Within the policy highlights who the responsible person is. Our headteacher has stated that my name should be detailed at the responsible person. However, shouldn't this be the headteacher or the Trust, as the employer? or can you have more than one responsible person - headteacher, care taker, business mananger, Trust?
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