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  1. Appreciate the reply. You’ve confirmed my thoughts. Thanks.
  2. Where do you draw the conclusion if a property needs separate FRA’s? For example residential blocks not connected by MOE, own ingress and egress but managed and connected by the same AFD. Some clients insist on separate FRA’s whilst some want one to cover all for overall reference and autonomy. Thoughts greatly received.
  3. Thanks, appreciate the replies.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Should’ve pointed out the stairs are enclosed with no OV’s. Ventilation of the stairs would only be possible by FRS intervention by PPV and wedging the top floor door with AOV open. Just seems odd it was installed for a lobby the area of 3m x 1.5m and not the stairs where all flat occupants would benefit from.
  5. Hyperion


    The issue you will have is that should the FRS attend they cannot reset the alarm (assuming it’s a false alarm) due to litigation reasons. They will only investigate the origin of the alarm actuation. So a key holder(s) should be appointed and their contact information held by the alarm receiving centre. They then are duly contacted to reset the alarm.
  6. Hi, 4 storey building (G-3rd floor), single stair way with lobby protection to flats on each floor. The AOV on the third floor roof is within the protected lobby. Surely the FD30s door negates the AOV from clearing smoke from the stairs? Would you recommend removing the door? Thanks in advance.
  7. Approx 1.5m wide. There are two fire doors at either end with glazing along the link corridor.
  8. Would a linked passage way between two properties which has glazing, need to be fire rated? The passage link windows/glazing is to the open. So I can’t see why it need to be? thanks
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