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Flat fire door for private entrance

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Guest Sean1993

Hi there I hope you can help. 

I live in a ground floor flat that also has a back door. 

I have changed the back door without any problems but my front door (which leads into a communal entrance) no company actually wants to fit. 

I am struggling to find a reason beyond companies (both local and big names) blaming grenfell. Can anybody advise me please? 

Thankyou :) 

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As long as the front door is going to be part of a FD30s fire resistant door set there should be no problems in finding someone to fit it.

If you are wanting to fit a non fire door I can understand no one wanting to be involved.

Plenty of specialist fire door installers out there if you are stuck.

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Hi I’ve just purchased a maisonette over ground and first floor part of which is over a shop (the building is detached) I have my own front door to outside and there are no other flat/maisonette attached to us.  Firstly Do I need a fire door on the main entrance and secondly my stairs of the entrance hall downstairs lead up to my kitchen and lounge which is open plan do I have to have a first Door at the top of the stairs.


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Guest G.Campbell


I live in a maisonette (the style which basically looks like a house from the outside but has 2 separate front doors one for my flat upstairs and the neighbour downstairs) the council have said that my front door needs to be replaced by a fire door. However it opens onto fresh air. As I am in the corner of a cul de sac it opens onto a shared path which then leads onto a communal pathway to exit the cul de sac.  In such situation with the update of the regulations do I need a fire door as my front door?

Thank you for your help in advance 

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Not really - if you were directly into the street you wouldn't expect it. The only slight possibility is if the only route of escape passes your door and you can't be more than a meter from it but that normally applies to balcony access on the upper floors of larger blocks.

I'd ask for full details on where this comes from.....

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Guest Kev B

I’ve just purchased an upstairs flat of a house converted (upstairs & downstairs flats) the letting agent said as the lounge door has 3 hinges fitted it may have been a fire door but isn’t now. Should this be replaced with a fire door? It’s a self contained flat with the front door opening onto the street. 

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