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  1. I live in a block of four flats with two on the ground floor and two upstairs. The top floor flats share an entrance and a small communal area and have a fire door for their flat's entrance. My flat is on the ground floor and has it's own private entrance door that opens up to the street. I would like to replace my wooden front door (not a fire door) with a composite door but the managing agent says it has to be a fire door with 60 minutes fire resistance. I can understand that for the flats upstairs as they share an entrance and their front doors open up to a small communal area. I don't understand why I need a fire door though. I've checked my lease and it says nothing about a fire door. Is the managing agent correct and I do need a fire door? I've looked at composite fire front doors and can only find FD30 and not FD60 ones which is no help if I do need 60 mins cover.
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