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Is a fire door cut in half still a fire door?

Guest RobE

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I am after some advise about a job i have been ask to quote regaurding turning fire doors into stable door. I am wondering if i cut the fire door in half and put a hardwood timber piece back in with a fire strip between would it still be a fire door. Any advise you can give would be appreciated.

Thank you


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It certainly would not meet a certified standard no matter how much intumescent strip you used. You could claim it as a nominal fire door but you would need to consider a good argument for the enforcing authorities. Also both leaves would have to be self closing, so the point of a stable door would be lost unless it is for an information hatch.

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Guest Neil Ashdown

Hi Rob,

These days all fire doors supplied should carry 'third party certification' and/or 'fire test report evidence'. This type of certification or test evidence will give details of how the door was tested, its performance and details of other components of the fire door assembly (such as door frame, hinges, lock, latch , door closer and intumescent seals). It will also give details about how the fire door assembly was installed.

Any fire door you install should replicate the fire door assembly tested. You can only achieve this by purchasing certificated/tested products and installing them in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. Please note that not all products are suitable for all types of fire doors (for example not all fire doors can be installed as a pair of double doors and not all types of door closer are suitable for use with all fire doors). Follow the fire door manufacturers instructions to be certain.

Also many fire doors are manufactured to standard sizes and cannot be cut down. Only slight trimming can be made in accordance with the door manufacturers instructions.

I don't know of a company that has tested and manufactures a fire resistant stable door so I very much doubt that you will be able to provide such a door. If you do find one, please let me know.


Neil Ashdown

General Manager, Fire Door Inspection Scheme, London.

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Hi Tom,

Yes, what I have said above applies to fire door leaves. Its important to choose a certificated fire door and then make sure that the other components of the fire door assembly are compatible for use with that door. Certificated fire doors come with instructions and your supplier is able to provide certification so that you can check compatibility and install accordingly. You can check its a certificated fire door by finding the label on the top edge of the door (make sure you leave the label in place so others can check its a fire door).

That way you have made best efforts to replicate the fire test evidence for the door (and replicating test evidence is the only way to be confident your fire door will provide the correct fire integrity rating in a fire situation).

Regards, Neil.

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Please can you advise if a a new fire door is required and it is not a standard size, can a FD30 blank be cut to suit.

This is not about trimming the lipping etc but but cutting to half the size. to suit.

The door in question is a cupbard under satirs and although standard with with about 1000mm high

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It would all depend on the construct of the fire door and most likely it would not be considered satisfactory by an enforcing authority. You can buy bespoke doors by providing the size and the manufacturer makes the door, or provides a panel with instructions how to construct a fire door, try the internet.

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I have a similar problem, I need an FD30 but only 1810 tall not the normal 1981. It shocks me that they don’t make doors that can be cut to fit . Carpets and underlay have got thicker but we can’t chop off to fit! It’s very expensive to raise a door frame ! Why don’t the manufacturers get this sorted. There is a guy selling fire doors on Facebook market place, he says you can chop off as much as you want but I don’t believe him. Should I believe him? It’s a door company in Leeds. He didn’t know anything about yellow stickers on the top or stickers that shouldn’t be removed! This makes me untrusting of his comment that we can chop off as much as we want! What are your thoughts. 


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You are right not to believe him, the fire protection market is awash with chancers wanting to make a quick buck and the doors are likely to not be certified (sadly not illegal) or even recycled (old out of existing buildings).

Consult a certified fire door provider who will help you out.

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Purchase a fire rated door blank with suitable evidence of performance.  The blank can be cut to size and at the edges and lipped with suitable hardwood.  Follow the technical manual for the door blank with regard to sizing and installation.

Alternatively order a custom-made fire door to the size you require and install in accordance with the door leaf installation instructions/product data sheet.

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