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  2. What do you man additional hardwood lippings?
  3. If the doors are locked in the open position the type of door handle is irrelevant but I cannot see the doors wide open in the depths of winter so I would suggest you keep the panic bars as it is a place of assembly.
  4. I would think so, very neighbourly of you.
  5. What I did not ask was, is the room a high fire risk or is there an explosion risk, this would change the situation.
  6. Tom Sutton

    Door handles

    If they conform to BS EN 1125: 2008 and if they are the lever type they most probably do.
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  9. We are administrators of a village hall which has it’s own car park. The building next door is used by a playgroup .They have a fire exit which leads directly on to our car park. We are getting the car park lined soon. If we put a no parking yellow marked area of about a car width from their exit to a safe area would this be acceptable for an escape route?
  10. Guest

    Door handles

    I am converting an internal door to a fire door in my 4 beds house, which I am converting in an HMO and in which I will be living in. When replacing the door, can I reuse the handles I already have in our standard door ? Cheers
  11. Guest

    Can we leave fire exit door open?

    Hello we are refurbishing a gastro pub and have 2 sets of final escape to fresh air doors. The doors are beautiful Georgian ( not listed) doors. Security wise we could have them unlocked during times that the public are resident. Would it be possible to not install panic bars but lever handles ?
  12. Guest

    Fire exit with thumb lock

    Thanks for the reply very much appreciated. Are you able to provide a link to the type of acceptable thumb lock. Just so I know what to look for. Thanks Mike.
  13. A repeater panel only has one wire from the main panel to the repeater, this is why they are recommended.
  14. It would appear to be acceptable, but to be certain you would need to study the full layout of the floor. Thumb turns are accectable but you should use the lever type used on modern rim locks.
  15. If you say locking a room that does not form part of the means of escape then I would think it is quite acceptable.
  16. I would suspect this is the person lowering the ceiling and insulating it thermally/sound, it doesn't appear to have anything to do with fire safety, quite the opposite I would think.
  17. Hi all I have just been asked by a surveyor to take off additional hardwood lipping from a fire door and close the gap by adding softwood lining to the door frame as it looks more aesthetically pleasing. Logically I assume it would be better to have a firecheck hard wood lipping on the door rather than building out the doorframe with more softwood?
  18. Hi Krystal, if the zip tie is designed so that it breaks easily when the door is opened, then this is common practice to detect abuse of fire exits. Harry
  19. Guest

    Ties around fire exit door handles

    Please can you advise me on whether it is ok for my college to zip tie the fire exit doors shut? I am trying to stand up to this and am being told it is acceptable. I believe it is not.
  20. Guest

    Fire exit with thumb lock

    Hi Tom. A small laboratory room at work has 2 doors. Both are internal and do not open to the outside. Recently one was deemed a fire exit only, this door has a thumb lock on the inside. Can the thumb lock be used? Only staff use this room. Maximum 3 people at any one time and in total 6 people are permitted to use the room. Thanks Mike.
  21. Guest

    Exit locked at work

    Hi tom can a fire door be chained to a room, that is not in use
  22. Recently brought a flat that has a lowered ceiling(image 1) part of way down window. Wondering if this would of been done for fire regs, and whether I could put new full length windows in and raise the ceiling on an angle around them. This is a ground floor flat in a converted property. Thanks.
  23. You don't if it's an exit to open air and no escape route (principally an external stair) passes close by.
  24. London Underground uses 9 litre spray foam and 2kg CO2 at fire points as an example
  25. Absolutely safe, there is no way you are going to get a dangerous concentration, you only get a cubic area of gas sufficient to fill 2 bathtubs from 2kg of CO2, as long as your volumetric area is at least 10 times that (which an underground station certainly is) you are fine
  26. There is no regulation per se, but the wall linings in general (be they paper, paint, wood or something else) do have flammability requirements based on the fact they are escape routes, certain wallpapers would not meet these. They should be to BS Class 0 or Euro class B-s3,d2
  27. Thank you for your time replying to this.
  28. Hi I just want to check, I live in a ground floor flat with a separate entrance and only I use this entrance, the front door is a fire door. I have been told that I don't need a fire door on the flat but the managing agents say that I do. Please can you advise?
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