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Fire Alarm System Certificate

Guest Ash72

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Guest Ash72

Hi, I've been responsible for the last 10 years, periodically check and testing the fire alarm system and emergency lighting. There is a requirement by the council to provide a certificate this year for this.

For the emergency lighting, I have inspected the lighting, performed a simulated power outage for 3 hours.

The fire Alarm is tested, incorporates the following

Smoke/Fire Detectors.

Heat/Fire Detectors.

Manual Call Points, to sound the alarm.

Central Control Panel for maintenance.

Fire Alarm Sounders.

The log is updated.

Is there any requirement that this can't be self certified by a non qualified electrician?

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You do not need an electrician to service/maintain a fire alarm. Most electricians would not know how to service a fire alarm, however they would be very good at getting a mains supply to the panel.

To service a fire alarm panel needs a competent person. A competent person is someone who knows what they are doing, as well as having the technical skills and knowledge of the panel they are working on as well as having a good understanding of the relevant British standard also the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) order 2005

Most premises will call in the services of a fire alarm company and let their trained staff service the fire alarm.

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Under the appropriate British Standards the guidance allow certain items to be tested by the user  and others to be tested by qualified persons. You need to obtain a copy of these guides BS 5839-1 and  BS 5266-1 and study the chapters on maintenance and testing to see which items you are allowed to do. 

As far as I am aware certification only applies to  when a system is commissioned, testing and maintenance is only recorded in the log book.

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