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Fire risk assessor training


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I am a fire risk assessor for mainly schools and have a NEBOSH General Fire certificate, LFB Fire risk assessors qualification from when  they were still running in Southwark and FPA qualification in passive fire protections but would like to broaden my knowledge and increase my competence and look to join fire risk assessor register i.e. IFE. Can anybody give me their best thoughts on courses that would be best to do this? What is the best route to take? I have limited ability to travel long distance for courses are spend time way from home. Also does anybody know if there is training which is relatively inexpensive for CPD in fire doors, alarms systems, emergency lighting to brush up on knowledge. A good place to go?

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I would argue that most professionals don’t need courses. That is not to say that they don’t have value where, for example, a specific qualification is being pursued. Courses also let you bump into like-minded people. However, if it is information that you seek then there is no shortage out there in google and you-tube land and it is mostly free. Many manufacturers have fantastic libraries of information all available after sign-up. Oh, and let’s not forget the forums!
I did a five day intensive course recently, nothing to do with fire safety but I might as well been on a knitting course, the amount of information that was dumped on us could not be disseminated by any normal human. The presentation was ten thousand power-point slides! At over £1K, I was glad I wasn’t paying!.

I have also found it useful to pick something specific that you have an interest in and build knowledge around that. My background is electrical engineering services including associated fire safety systems and I have used that as the foundation of further learning on fire safety in buildings. That particular course has been going on for over 30 years!

I hope this doesn’t sound patronising, it certainly isn’t meant to. Best of luck.

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And a year later who knew what would happen next.....Thanks for the comments! I think I agree some courses are not useful and you need to on  a set path of gaining certain qualifications for a reason. I am getting there with little help I have to say apart from forums like this which set out to support people. Forums and goggle are definitely a god send. I did join fire net but became buried in enormous workload, the pandemic and all the related issues, but thank you both. I am now forcing myself to sit down and think about how to build knowledge by using online and also formal qualification (which I will need to prove competence anyway.)

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Guest philip

hi , i am new to the field , im in the middle of doing a nebosh fire management and risk assessments but looking for more training on fire risk assessments , any advice ? 

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