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  1. Hi, I am a fire risk assessor for mainly schools and have a NEBOSH General Fire certificate, LFB Fire risk assessors qualification from when they were still running in Southwark and FPA qualification in passive fire protections but would like to broaden my knowledge and increase my competence and look to join fire risk assessor register i.e. IFE. Can anybody give me their best thoughts on courses that would be best to do this? What is the best route to take? I have limited ability to travel long distance for courses are spend time way from home. Also does anybody know if there is trainin
  2. I have a school with manual call points only and for a number of years they have been advised via FRA to upgrade to and L3 system? I have refer to CLG guidance and BB100 and the observations in the FRA. Anything else can I persuade them to do this? To note they are very small school over two floors they use various two escape routes including through window escapes on to metal/balcony stairs in some classrooms and they have smoke detectors they have installed themselves on escape corridors. Situated in multiple occupancy building with brick walls wood ceilings. Flats and offices as other te
  3. Can anyone give me some general advice on acceptable travel distance in school corridors. I have a building built in aprproximatley 1990 which has two large open plan cloakrooms (signifciant fire loading) with two adjacent rooms -breakout rooms/offices (you would have to pass through the cloakroom to exit the building) onto two long 30/35 metre plus open corrridors to final exits with no fire breaks. I have read the tables in building regs and understand there are vairous travel distance anyway in low/medium and high risk corridors with numebr of directiosn of travel i.e. 18 metres and 9
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