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Intumescent sealant around glazing

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Hi on a current job a Maintenance company has come in and replaced all the Georgian Wire glass with plain fire rated glass on a client request. The sealant appears to be leaking ie, running down the door. The manager has said she was told the sealant had a 2 part mix and they haven't mixed it correctly so will never set. Is this correct for Intumescent sealant and is there a way to tell other than with certification that they have used an intumescent sealant? 

Thanks for any help

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The fire rated glazing will have been fire performance tested in a furnace using a suitable beading and gasket system for the retention of the glass in a fire situation. 

From that test a fire resistance report will have been written and within that report will be stated the requirements for gasket materials, beading materials and fixing pin or screw requirements. The manufacturer of the FR glass will be able to advise you on the particular requirements for that FR glass product. 

It is not uncommon for some contractors to install FR glass using non-compliant gasket/retention systems! 

I recommend that you seek advice from the manufacturer / supplier of the glass.

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Thanks again both it does seem like a dodgy sealant was used as the staff call them blood doors as it looks like blood dripping. I am back there tomorrow so will look into speaking to the manufacturer of the glass as I know the housing association are worried about cost and not thinking about the fire protection of the doors.

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