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Fire Door seals

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Reason I`m just checking is I was going through some stuff on BWF site and watching fire door videos and came across this " 

Fire Door Seals

Do I need to fit seals on my fire door?

ALL fire doors MUST be fitted with the appropriate seals.

 I come across plenty of fire doors on offices within corridors with No strips whatsoever ? 


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Since 1987 and the introduction of BS 476 p 22 and 3,  FD30 fire doors have required intumescent strips and FD30s fire doors require strips and cold smoke seals. Prior to that they did not require strips/seals but they did use inch/25mm rebates and are considered acceptable today providing they are substantial, well fitting  in good order. However if they are in a poor condition they should be replaced with fire doors meeting the latest standard.

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All timber based fire doors tested to BS 476 - 22 and EN 1634-1 'currently' have intumescent fire seals.  As an inspector I would always recommend existing / older timber-based fire doors should be fitted with seals. I do this on the basis that:

1) The building operator has a legal duty to take 'reasonable precautions' and keep fire doors in 'efficient' working order under the RR(FS)O.

2) The upgrading work is reasonably simple and cost effective.

3) Intumescent seals have proven evidence in tests in contributing to the fire separation performance of timber-based fire doors.

If a client then decided not to fit the seals to existing / older doors, then its a matter for them and their fire strategy and fire risk assessment. They should justify their decision.

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Hi. I have had all my fire doors inspected recently following advice from my fire officer that the door seals on the frames required attention. The contractor who has been says that replacing the seals on the frames constitutes a major repair to the door and therefore the hinges will also need replacing (they are pre 1990 but are all in tact and in excellent condition) which means a cost of £230- £300 per door. I'm not sure that I am being advised correctly because everything I have read suggests the seals can be replaced really easily and that the hinges only need to be upgraded if damaged or if renewing the door. Can you help?

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Ask for a copy of the fire door inspection report.  If the inspection has been carried out correctly, the report should detail all non-compliances separately for each door and describe the remedial works required.

It could be that the door leaf to frame and door leaf to threshold perimeter gaps are incorrect.

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