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  1. Reason I`m just checking is I was going through some stuff on BWF site and watching fire door videos and came across this " Fire Door Seals Do I need to fit seals on my fire door? ALL fire doors MUST be fitted with the appropriate seals. I come across plenty of fire doors on offices within corridors with No strips whatsoever ?
  2. Hi, do ALL fire doors require strips/seals? and since when please
  3. Thanks for reply Tom, appreciated as always, Im not actually doing a RA, someone else has done it and not mentioned the aerosols? I was there on another matter but noticed the aerosols that WERE in a cabinet last time I was there are now on a shelf with class A combustibles either side, I was informing the customer of his responsibilities under the FSO as in : Duty to take general fire precautions 8.—(1) The responsible person must— (a)take such general fire precautions as will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of any of his employees; and
  4. Im just going to expand on this and explain my reasoning for cupboards/ cabinets/cages, Section 2 the Health & Safety at Work Act imposes a general duty on employers to ensure, SFAIRP the health, safety and welfare of all their employees. Section 3 of the Act imposes similar duties on employers towards those not employed by them but who may be affected by their activities. DSEAR expands on this and Regulation 6 (1) requires employers to ensure that risks to employees (and others who may be at risk) are eliminated or reduced ALARP and Regulation 6 (3) requires employers to use a combinatio
  5. Hello good people I`m fishing for expertise here regards storage of aerosols, the type of cans like car spray paints, varnishes and silly string. Have a customer that has a warehouse with approx 10 boxes on the racking shelf, 6 can p/box so 60 cans, my advice when storing aerosols is in a separate fire protected cupboard, cabinet or very least a mesh cage, away from other combustibles and sources of heat or direct sunlight, my concerns are flammable projectiles as a consequence of being involved in any fire outbreak, apparently, they have had a H&S adviser visit who has told them it
  6. Hi Guys Opinions please regards storage in Electrical/Switch rooms. YES or NO? All I can find is BS7671 states 132.12 Electrical equipment shall be arranged so as to afford as necessary (i) sufficient space for the initial installation and later replacement of individual items of electrical equipment (11) accessibility for operation, inspection, testing, fault detection, maintenance & repair. and Electricity at Work Regs states Regulation 15 (232) Working Space: (a) to allow people to pull back away from the con
  7. Hi Guys I know this is an old post, but biting on to what Tom said, `It appears to be a single chain Perko type Concealed Door Closer which I believe is not able to be adjusted` there are thousands if not millions of those old style brass coloured single chain types still out there (lots with broken chains) . IF still in situ, and working ok, do they need to be changed as they obviously wouldnt have conformed to standards we have now, ? cheers
  8. Cheers Anthony, my view was also that the names are interchangeable, re; Warden being a Marshal and Marshal being a Warden, I have never differentiated in 33 years but seen a lot of post`s like this lately ..... I`ve asterixed the company name out, don`t want to seem I`m picking on anyone :) What’s the difference between a fire warden and a fire marshal? Somewhat unhelpfully, the names are sometimes taken to mean the same thing, and sometimes to mean different things. Here at ****** Fire, we do make a distinction between the Fire Warden and Fire Marshal roles. Fire Marshals hav
  9. Hi all I`d be interested know your thoughts on any difference between a Warden and a Marshal, to me, Warden was always a Marshal, Marshal was a Warden, however, seen a few post`s where as others say in their business that a Warden does checks/ sweep/ etc and the Marshal directs the Wardens and takes roll call at assembly point?
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