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fire door not closing when latch rests against strike


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A fire door closer needs to be able to latch the door from any angle.
Does this include the smallest angle - ie when the latch rests against the strike plate.
On inspections I check that our firedoors close from wide range of angles but not this small an angle.
Thanks for any replies - I have not found an answer so far by searching the web.

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For fire door assemblies which will require self closing devices, BS EN 1154 makes recommendations as to the closing forces considered
necessary for devices fitted to fire doors. a) The door closer when installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instructions shall be
capable of closing the test door from any angle to which it may be opened.

The smallest angle - ie when the latch rests against the strike plate is unlikely to meet the status shown in bold. The smallest angle is going to be when somebody intends going through the door, then changes his/her mind which I guess would be after opening at least 5 degrees and I have found a guide that recommends 5 degrees.

Check out http://www.merton.gov.uk/fire_doors_-_basic_guidance___checklist-_june_2013.pdf page 3.



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