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Re-using alarm system wire for Grade 4 alarms

Guest MrQuestion

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Guest MrQuestion


Went to a property today which had a very old fire alarm system installed. It's wired in 3 core flex with multiple faults. 


Parts are proving difficult to get for the current setup. I was thinking can Iuse the existing wire and install inter-inlinked smoke alarms ????


I'd disconnect the call points.


Thanks in advance.



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Grade 4? No such thing unless you mean L4

3 wire with call points sounds like an old system in a commercial building, either 240 v or 24v off a separate charger and battery box, either with a separate indicator panel, just a diversion relay, or nothing other than the mains switch. It could have been partly updated by adding a 'modern' style control panel which may by itself now be getting in age.

You can still get 3 wire compatible replacement panels and if you need detection you can run a new two wire zone for the detector heads. All new cabling will need to be fire resistant.

You can't remove call points, the base system required for premises is a manual system of call points, detection is an extra where required by the premises layout, risk and usage (e.g. sleeping risk)

You can add pictures on this forum so images of what you have (cable, call points, panel, etc) that would help.

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