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Query permanent fire label for furniture

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Guest Guest Louisa


I've read and re-read the domestic fire regulations but can't get a clear idea of what I need to do.

I am an upholsterer. I have reupholstered an item of furniture for someone who sells items as a vintage furniture dealer. 

The item in question was in fact not manufactured until post-1950, so I know it needs to meet fire regs. It does I reupholstered the item from scratch using all fire reg materials and fabric.

Now for the guy to sell the item, what labels does it need? I have attached a green swing ticket, one that can easily be removed.

My confusion is with the perm label. It came to me with no label on it. I appreciate it is post 1950, but was manufactured in 1960 so labels have come off etc.

Who is responsible for a perm label now. Is it me the upholsterer? Or the guy who I assume is essentially a retailer according to the regulations?

Secondly whoever has to put the perm label on, how do we ever find out the original information about the item that is meant to appear on the perm label? Like date manufactured, batch number etc etc. If we can't provide that information how do we proceed? Just not put a perm label on? Or do we put current relevant info on and put 'n/a' where we don't know?

As the upholsterer should I keep a record of what I have done to the item and create my own batch number to attach to the item?


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As the upholsterer check out section 9 page 19 and as you are providing the materials you are now subject to the regulations. You should have all the records to prove the materials meet the required standards so when the trading standards come looking for information about the material you can supply it. You need to fit two labels, (not the retailer), the display label ( green swing ticket ) and a permanent label. I would suggest you use the shorter permanent label without the batch number which is all about traceability and as I suspect you are not a large organisation, then it should be permanently fixed to the item of furniture. As all the upholstery has been removed the original information and the details of what went before is irrelevant and yes you will need to keep records. 

Check out Fire safety of furniture and furnishings in the home - A Guide to the UK Regulations

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Thanks for this. I can only find labels which have a batch number on or if they don't they only say the fillings are fire resistant. Could I use the short label and add a bacth number myself which I would then use to record my information for each item I do?



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As far as I understand the purpose of the permanent label is to enable the Trading Standards to to locate the manufacturer/importer or upholsterer and check their records to establish the materials used, meet the requirements of the regulations and take any actions necessary. What you are proposing appears the do that. 

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Guest Sharon new upholsterer

Hi Louisa

Did you work out what to do with the fire safety tags? How will Trading Standard be able to locate the upholsterer if needed to just by me/you making up a batch number? Do we need to register somewhere?
I’m just starting out reupholstering dining chairs and small pieces.  I’ve purchased the approved materials. inners and fire safety labels etc and hope to sell my pieces online and to independent shop/stores.  Any advice greatly appreciated asap.

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