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Fire alarm in laser cutting machine

Guest UdoI

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We’ve just acquired new Laser (class 4) cutting cell with Calcium Hydroxide filtration system.

As a matter of fact, the system does prove to produce fire from the cutting tables and history suggests that it’s also likely with the dust collector in the filter chamber.

Hence, we would like to have some sort of smart fire detector that will sense and alarm or address the incident by stopping the process- and where applicable we can respond efficiently.

With the process set-up suggesting that Laser will produce smoke and flame, but ‘how much is too much’ or could possibly be a danger is still yet to be understood/known.

Please, if you can send one of your colleagues to visit, inspect and advise further that will be very helpful.



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All I can think of is optical spark detection, it's used in a client's furniture factory in their ducting (they use all the wood dust from manufacturing to heat the site via a central biomass boiler) their system activates local drenchers in the duct. Sparks are so common that the system is fully automatic and doesn't set the main fire alarm off.

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