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Height of step coming out of fire exit

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Please advise: Is an external step required when exiting from a ground floor Fire Door where the internal floor height is above the external ground level i.e. potential trip hazard? If yes does this step need to be painted to highlight edges where the user would ultimately have to step off it?

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Depends on the number of people using the fire exit, most, if not all private domestic houses in the country have inward opening doors and step down to the ground when exiting, with the exception of disabled people. It is not a problem because of the numbers involved and people are familiar with the situation.

If large number of people are involved and are not familiar with the situation then things are a little more complicated. If the doors open inwards then usually no problem and it is not necessary to paint the step.

If the door opens outwards then ideally you should have level going for at least a metre which would require a platform or a ramp. If the platform or ramp would be likely to hinder people escaping then you may have to accept a step and painting it maybe a consideration.  

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The Approved Documents to the Building Regulations state step height limits - what floor would this loft be equivalent to (1st, 2nd or 3rd floor) this will determine if it's an escape window (you lower yourself out) or a rescue window (fire service have to put a ladder or aerial appliance up to pull you out)

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