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Disabling a magnetic self release on a fire door.

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Is it possible to disable a single magnetic self release fire door?

I would like to disable one so that it is constantly released in effect making it a standard fire door with a self closure that cant be propped open. This will not effect the fire safety of the premise, if anything it would make it safer as the self closure device would always be keeping the door shut.

To be clear, the magnetic device holds the fire door open and upon the fire alarm going off, will release so the door shuts automatically.

I am in a building with multiple self releases. In my experience when one magnetic release fails, all the magnetic releases on the same system fail - which is not a viable option. Is it possible disable only one without disabling the others? Does anyone know how?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I am sure you could disconnect one magnetic hold open door release from the system but it most probably require the fire alarm control and indicating equipment panel (CIE) to be reprogramed. I would suggest you contact your fire alarm company who maintains the system and ask their advice or try www.firealarmengineers.com to see if they can help.

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There are companies that install and repair maglocks one of those most probably be best but I am sure a competent electrician would be acceptable. But if it is on an escape route and connected into the fire alarm whoever repairs it needs to know what they are doing, then it might require the attendance of a fire alarm engineer.

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If it's an emergency exit then there should be a green (sometimes white) break glass call point that acts as a double pole isolator that will disengage the door in case other release methods fail (as has happened here).

If there isn't then you've two problems and you need an electrician with experience of access control systems to repair the normal release button and add an emergency release break glass.

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