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Need for sprinklers?


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I have an apartment block in Wales of 6 apartments in a converted detached Georgian building.

It has a cellar, ground floor, middle floor and top floor.

The sprinkler pipes have burst in the extreme weather conditions of late.

My question is, could I just drain the system and not use it?

The planning for the conversion of the building ( including sprinkler system) was submitted and approved in 2015 and was completed in 2016.

The height of the actual floor on the top floor is much less than 11 metres, but the height of the building overall ( to top of roof) is 11 metres.

Would not using the sprinkler system be possible?

Many thanks for any answers or avenues of enquiry I can go down!


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Sprinklers are a requirement in new build housing and conversions in Wales and have been since 2013, so it would not be acceptable to "not use it"

Also, as of July 2022 all new rented properties in Wales must have interlinked smoke alarms, if the renter moved in before 7/22 then they must have smoke alarms installed by December 2023

More information can be found if you Click here

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No, you are legally required to keep the system operational, you have a service charge budget for a reason, so you should be able to get it sorted. The insurance company should be aware of the system being down and appropriate mitigation in place or you risk loss of cover. 

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Even if you were not legally obliged to keep the system operational, it would be an act of brutal indifference to your tenants to blatingly ignore the original intention of the system.
By the way, likely severe penalties ahead for some folk who allowed Primark Belfast to open without a fully functioning sprinkler system. 

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