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Flat Entrance Door - lock?

Guest smdd74

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Guest smdd74



Hoping you could assist with a query re flat entrance doors. The fire risk assessor has advised that ideally, the flat entrance doors in my block of flats should have locks that are 'easily and immediately openable, without the use of a key i.e thumb-turn locks'. 

Their reasoning for this was that the doors form a necessary part of the escape route for the occupants and thus occupants may be hindered if they cannot access/find their key. I understand that the flat doors are under my responsibility however i was under the impression that only the final exit doors needed to be secured in this way and didnt think this applied to the flat doors themselves. They have only recommended this as best practice rather than a legislative requirement and this would be quite a costly improvement for me to make on all the doors so before i do this, i want to clarify whether it is in fact required. 

Any guidance would be much appreciated. 



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A neighbor had a child that could not get out of their flat because the door used a double-sided deadbolt. They would leave the key in the lock as a thumb turn, but on the night of the fire, it was not there.

If the door has to be used in an emergency, it should never require a key from the point of egress.

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