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Small communal area


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Hi guys,

I have a question regarding automatic detection in a small converted 'block of flats'. 

It's a two storey house converted to two flats, one flat ground and one flat 1st floor. Both flats accessed from small ground floor communal hallway. Communal hallway is ground floor only. 

So in 'Sleeping Accommodation' it says Grade D LD2 in communal areas for small premises however in LACORS it adds to that, interlinked heat detection in flat hallways. 

Obviously there is the question of how much control you have of a leashold flat for example.

So the question is why the difference in the two guidance and am I missing something, what is the latest accepted standards? 


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I believe the sleeping guide is referring to single occupancy type of premises and lacors guide with those with common areas. With lacors you need a fire alarm for each flat and one for the common areas. The flat alarm only needs to warn the flat occupants and the alarm in common areas needs to warn everybody.

If there is a fire and the flat is unoccupied the heat detector will warn the whole of the premises also the heat detector should be located close to the front door ( reduce the possibility of false alarms) in each flat, for example smoke from the toaster will only operate the smoke detectors not the heat detector.

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DCLG Sleeping Risk Guide is currently for commercial premises such as hotels. For residential blocks it has been superseded by the below
LACORS is for shared houses, ***'s and houses converted to flats not in according with the modern building regulations for purpose built flats.

The Government (former LGA) Guide for Fire Safety in Purpose Built Flats is for purpose built flats of all ages

The NFCC Guide for Specialised Housing is for Sheltered Housing and Supported Living

The order of publication of the guides was DCLG in 2008, LACORS in 2008, LGA 2011 (republished 2021), NFCC 2017

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