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Fire alarm 3 storey converted house

Guest Mosh

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If a house has three storeys and it has been converted into flats, then I understand that it will need a Grade A fire alarm system.

What about if there are three storeys, but there are only 2 flats. I.e. there is a flat on the ground floor, but the two upper floors are just one (2 storey) flat. They may even have their own private staircase from the ground floor (behind a closed fire door), which means that the only communal area is the ground floor lobby. Does this building still need a Grade A alarm system?


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I am assuming the original staircase serves the first and second floor; therefore I think you would be considered dealing with a building of three storeys, according to the guide and would need to opt for the Grade A and Grade D systems. Otherwise you would have to argue that it should be considered a two storey building because it is a flat and a maisonette I am not sure you could get away with it.

Check out HOUSING – FIRE SAFETY Guidance on fire safety provisions for certain types of existing housing.


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What about a three storey building where the ground floor is a commercial unit, and the two upper floors are residential flats - and they have a separate entrance then the shop. Would this still require a Grade A system - because it's 3 storeys high, or do we ignore the shop and since the residential units only occupy 2 storeys (plus the staircase to ground level), a Grade D system would suffice?

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That is a matter of personal interpretation, you will hear different opinions of both A & D, plus if the premises are a conversion that comes under selective licensing the council will have their view as well.

I've seen Grade A more often than not in this situation. Another factor that could influence matters is the separation between the shop & flats - if inadequate thus requiring linked systems you are looking definitely more like a Grade A system.

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