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  1. I think it's just to assist the cabling to pass through. There is a significant gap between the doorframe and ceiling. The door already has vents in it.
  2. Is it a problem if the electric intake room of a 5-storey office block is within an underground car park, but is not fully fire-resistant - i.e. there are large holes in the walls going into the car park?
  3. Thanks for your replies. I guess i'll have to find out more details about it.
  4. Does an electronic rim lock (on a front door) automatically fail to safety? Does it need to be tested / serviced as part of a fire plan?
  5. What about a three storey building where the ground floor is a commercial unit, and the two upper floors are residential flats - and they have a separate entrance then the shop. Would this still require a Grade A system - because it's 3 storeys high, or do we ignore the shop and since the residential units only occupy 2 storeys (plus the staircase to ground level), a Grade D system would suffice?
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