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Dry Riser in corridor


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I have inspected a high rise recently and noted the dry riser is located in a corridor (albeit protected) and not the landing lobby (which in contrast has a much larger area for firefighting operations and Bridgehead set up. Current location would impede potential evacuees(whilst FRS operations ensue) with the flats that egress onto the corridor and there is potential for some smoke transfer to the said corridor. ADB states preference for dry riser outlets to be sited in protected lobbies or stairways but doesn’t go as far to say they can’t be in corridors if they’re protected. Anybody got any views on this??

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If the outlet is in the same corridor as the flat entrance doors, is it possible that each flat has a lobby beyond the front door?

It would be worth asking the local FRS for their comment. Current practice in many services is to connect to the outlet one floor below the fire floor. This is a departure from the reason for locating it in a lobby in the first place; therefore, makes the location of the outlet in the corridor a moot point. The FRS logic is also a sound reason for outlets located in stairwells, as there is one less door to hold open. Hope that helps.

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Thanks Crusher, point taken about the FRS national operational guidance of two floors below for a bridgehead. My understanding though is a safety or stairwell jet will be taken from the floor below and the firefighting jet two floors at the bridgehead. They can even go from the fire floor if the DRA permits. 
However that couldn’t happen with this set up. It also means you’d have two corridors disrupted and compartmentation breached with hose/jets. Doesn’t seem right to me but I guess the fire service are pretty good at adapting and overcoming dynamic situations. 

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