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Classroom Doors


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I have visited a school that has key-operated locks on the inner face of classroom doors. I seem to recall that classroom doors fitted with a lock, should have a thumb turn fitted to their inner face to ensuring that the door will always be available without the use of a key and to prevent persons being inadvertently locked in the classroom . I cannot seem to find any guidance on door locks apart from BB100 (clause and the CLG Education guide, both which only make reference to 'doors on escape routes'. I suppose that the door to a classroom also provides the MofE and therefore, technically may be interpreted as 'on an escape route' from the classroom. I would appreciate your thoughts please.

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I would agree with you, all doors that can be used for MoE are 'on an escape route'. However providing the door in not locked when the room is occupied, I think you need to look at the chances of the door being inadvertently locked and is there written procedures to ensure this does not happen. The standard for this situation is BS EN 179: 2008.

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Hi Tom,

I was wondering if you can help or advise in anyway relating to an issue that has arisen.

In summary, there is cast iron external staircase attached to the rear wall and flank wall of our property and hanging over the airspace of the single storey neighbouring property has been removed without any prior notice or consultation.  The staircase has been in situ approximately 100 years and provides access to the roof terrace of our flat and acts as a means of escape in the event of an emergency albeit onto the roof of the neighbouring property.  

The neighbour has had Planning permission granted for the construction of four units and the staircase removal allows two of these flats to be constructed to the front of the building. From our perspective we wanted to know if there is a clear legal right of way granted to our flat since we have had continuous and uninterrupted use of the staircase whilst in our ownership (6 years) and as it has been there for 100 years, can it just be removed.

Many thanks




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You will need a property lawyers advice for this - it is not unprecedented for needed escape routes into neighbouring premises to be removed where the appropriate legal agreements for access were not in place or expired. On the other hand cases of continuous and uninterrupted use with no legal agreement have been upheld too!

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Guest Locked doors schools

We have 2 schools in Telford that operate a locked door system to the classrooms 

Children and staff are locked into the classrooms 


Last week a classroom door was locked and failed to open , the lock broke

Children and staff were deprived of their liberty for well over 40 minutes. 


The head of the school is persisting with locking all the classroom doors still


What do people think?

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Guest JFB

This question pertains to locking classrooms:

I work for an after school club.  A question has arisen about having the door open during hot days for ventilation - as a parent was unhappy to see that 'anyone could just come in and take a kid'. 

In response to this we need to find an alternative option which allows ventilation of the space but also security. 

Would a 'swing bolt lock'/'door guard' or 'gate hook' be an option?  It would not require a key from any parties indoors should they need to escape, but would work as a visible deterrent for unsavoury people entering/minors trying to exit, or at the very least offer a distracting enough motion that the service providers in charge would become aware of it and be able to act.

Another option discussed was a 'dog gate' - however this may pose more of an issue for access and exit, and the risk assessments that would implicate than a simple latch system.

Will a latch system contravene any locked door policies that I am yet to discover?

Thanks for your time.

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