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Door and half leaf query

Guest Ryan

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The client has a nominal door & half leaf FD30(S) installed into a timber framed glazed panel system approx 3m X 3m. There is no information on the construction of the door set or glazed system although the glazed panels do display kite marks. The timber framed glazed system is in a good condition. 
The client wishes to replace the leaf and half door set only and install a new set into the timber glazed panel system. What are your thoughts on this? I.e new door set into existing glazed timber panel system. 

Also the client wishes the new door set to be double swing but underfloor heating is installed and concealed floor mounted closing devices are therefore not suitable. Are you able to have both door / half leaves on double acting transom concealed closers? 

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If you are changing an existing fire door for a new one then then you should use a fire door set, which is the door and frame. The important thing to consider is the opening must meet a 30 minute fire resisting standard and any glazing used should meet that standard, check out 20.1-GGF-Fire-resistant-Glazing-Guide-2018.pdf.

Any door closer should allow the door to open to its full extent and hold it in the closed position until it is latched. Will the self closer you are proposing to use on this double swing door open to 180 degrees and latch when closed or hold the door in the closed position when pressure is applied to it.

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First deal with the glazed panel issue.  Check they are fire rated and if not, assuming fire resistance is a requirement, replace with an FR glazing system. Use the link Tom has provided for some helpful guidance.

The client should be aware that double-action fire doors present compliance problems in terms of fire resistance and smoke spread as compared to single-action doors. If fire safety the the priority the client would be well advised to stick with single-action doors.

If they wish to press ahead with replacement fire doors it will be necessary to survey the existing door frame for suitability.  If the replacement doors are double-action the door frame will need to be suitable to house the concealed pivot and self-closing system and the door leaves will need to be 54mm thick with suitable lipping/blocking to accept the pivot/self-closing system.   The GEZE TS 500 NV system (Certifire CF259) might suit your clients needs.

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