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Fire doors

Guest Jane

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We live in a grade 2* listed and award winning housing estate built in 1974.
it has 76 flats

The front doors to the flats are the original fire doors , designed especially for the estate. they are solid hardwood with frosted georgian wired glazed panels 
The freeholder wants to take them all out and replace them with something which in no way resembles the original

The fire officer in his RFA however recommends putting closers and smoke seals on them but the freeholder says they cannot be tested and certified which is now a requirement

unfortunately the listed buildings officer is not being helpful and discussing this with us

We would very much welcome an opinion as to if these doors could be upgraded and certified and if so who we should contact to do this

many thanks


architect and leaseholder

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Contact this company - https://envirograf.com/ they specialise in products for upgrading heritage doors, walls, floors and ceilings, have had certified the use of their solutions in many situations and have a Technical Department that will give advice on particular doors, etc.

Most other places will just say new frame and door required - which is not always the case.


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